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Web Filter Software

Faced with a multitude of Internet threats, businesses and government organizations now accept a web filtering solution as a requirement. The need for Web filters is in direct correlation to the growth of internet threats. Dynamic and proficient Web filters are a must-have for all organizations. iPrism is a self-contained, appliance-based product that combines Web filter software and hardware into a multi-layered solution that combats Internet threats with a variety of innovative technologies, providing unrivalled multi-layered defense.
By combining Web filtering software and an appliance with its own hardened and optimized OS, with cloud-based technologies such as the iPrism Remote Filter and iPrism Social Media Security, you are assured a flexible solution that is scalable and capable of protecting your organization from emerging threats. iPrism Web Filters have the technology that supports regulatory compliance and helps organizations enforce important security and acceptable use policies.

iPrism Web Filtering features:
  • Flexible Deployment Options - iPrism Web Filters offer comprehensive interoperability on any network platform and for any size organization. In addition, iPrism Web Filtering software supports VLANS, includes SSL filtering, High Availability deployment and Virtual Desktop support.
  • Cloud-based Filtering Services - iPrism Web Filters Services offer unique cloud-based Remote Filtering and iPrism Social Media Security.
  • Email Protocol Filtering - iPrism Email Security solutions filter SMTP, POP and IMAP and their secured versions.
  • Certificate Chain Support - iPrism Web Filtering enables uploading and installation of intermediary certificates, for added security.
  • Quotas and Warnings - Quotas and Warnings allow organizations to limit bandwidth consumption per your acceptable use policy. This can decrease bandwidth usage over time.
  • Centralized Management tools - iPrism includes role-based admin and seamless directory integration. Unlike some competitors, iPrism is the best web filtering software solution for business because it has on-box user authentication rather than user identification giving you important advantages.
  • YouTube for Schools Support - iPrism features web filtering support for schools that includes integrated support for YouTube's vast library of educational videos.
  • Circumvention Defense Network (CDN) - iPrism Web filters includes protection from anonymous browsing, exclusive Outbound Botnet defense, Web 2.0 defense with application controls and iPrism Social Media Security and the iGuard 100% human reviewed database.
  • Comprehensive Logging, Real-Time Monitoring and Reporting - iPrism's comprehensive on-box reporting includes real-time monitoring and drill-down capabilities visibility across your organization.


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