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The ePrism Email Archive Solution

The ePrism Email Archiving & Email Archive Solution

Finding email archiving solutions that meet the requirements of your organization is critical. You need to be sure you are getting the best scalability and ease-of-use while still staying within your budget.

ePrism Email Archiving offers secure email archiving that is scalable to fit the requirements of any size organization. Our affordable email archive solution retains email in an unalterable state to help meet requirements for regulatory compliance, litigation issues, storage management needs, or to fulfill business best practices guidelines. ePrism Hosted Email Archiving is software as a service (SaaS), in-the-cloud email archive technology, so scalability is assured. And our secure data collection technology provides comprehensive interoperability with all messaging systems.

As a SaaS solution, ePrism Hosted Email Archiving delivers maximum scalability, because archiving email is done off-premises. This not only reduces the initial costs of archiving email, it provides vast storage capacity that can grow to meet your organization's demands while keeping additional costs low. Our email archiving solutions are easy-to-deploy and include an intuitive interface accessed via your browser, so implementation can be achieved within minutes and ongoing management and maintenance are virtually touch-free.

Key benefits of ePrism Email Archiving Software as a Service (SaaS) include:
  • Email archiving for both inbound and outbound messages, internal and external
  • Increasing archive email storage at no additional cost
  • All archived data searchable at all times
  • Preservation of data
  • Easy to use email archive interface - Instant setup
  • Redundant data centers for secure archiving of email
  • Intuitive Management Dashboard
  • Individual End User search
  • Supports all messaging systems

Why Email Archiving Solutions are Critical

Storage takes time and money - As your email volume and message size grow, storage capacity and IT staff time become critical, bottom line issues. The legal and regulatory requirements to retain email and IM communications can seriously affect your storage capacity. The ePrism Email Security solution acts like an email archiving appliance, but is in the cloud, creating a safe and secure archive for your organization.

Regulatory requirements and internal policies demand compliance - Ever since the Supreme Court ruled that emails messages are corporate property, retaining them has been crucial for both regulatory and internal compliance. In the event of litigation having email archiving solutions as well as retaining IM communications are critical because either can be subpoenaed as evidence. Be sure you are covered with the best email archive for business and other organizations!

ePrism Hosted Email Archiving Software captures all your message data before it reaches your networks, making spam and storage problems a thing of the past. Because our archiving email service is in-the-cloud, storage capacity is never an issue. With email archiving software as a service, no matter how much your organization grows and regardless of how spam evolves, our data centers can handle the traffic.

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