iPrism Web Security

Web threat detection and mitigation in an integrated anytime, anywhere, any device cloud-enabled suite.

EPIC Advanced Threat Defense

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security provides advanced threat defense through EdgeWave’s EPIC cyber security capability – the unique fusion of advanced technology with the expertise of combat-proven cyber warfighters to precisely identify attacks and synchronize defensive measures across all systems in real time.

iPrism’s exclusive EPIC iGuard URL analysis identifies and stops even the most sophisticated tactics that hackers and cybercriminals use to elude conventional security systems.  Trust EdgeWave iPrism Web Security to keep your staff and data safe from even the most sophisticated web-based threats.

  • Threat Protection

    Multi-Layered Web Security and Threat Protection

    EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers a unique combination of threat detection and mitigation methods to assure powerful protection from Advanced Persistent Threats, including botnets, malware, viruses and others.

    • 100% human-review EPIC iGuard URL analysis
    • Kaskpersky Anti-Virus
    • HTTPS traffic inspection
  • Ease of Use

    Ease of Use

    EdgeWave iPrism Web Security was designed to be “set it and forget it” easy to use.  iPrism is a self-contained solution that was designed to provide advanced threat protection and policy enforcement, yet require nearly zero maintenance.  And our comprehensive on-box reporting makes managing your network a snap.

24/7 Customer Care

At EdgeWave we believe that customer service goes beyond closing the deal. We are passionate about customer care, offering personalized service and quick resolution to any issue – our operators typically pick up in under one minute!

100% US-based Support

100% US-based Support

24/7 Customer Care

24/7 Customer Care

Industry Leading 70%+ Net Promoter Score

Industry Leading 70%+ Net Promoter Score

EdgeWave Delivers World-ClassWeb Security for the 2015 US Tennis Open

“The US Open can be a very stressful event; there are a lot of moving parts that can change at any moment, but with fewer things that we have to worry about, the better shape we are in. Our non-gambling filtering policies were strictly adhered to without us ever having to touch endpoints, and performance, even with the enormity of data that was transferred during the event, was excellent.”

– Larry Bonfante, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Tennis Association

iPrism Web Security

Real-time protection with an easy-to-integrate cyber security suite that provides cloud-enabled web security across all network access points

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security provides real-time protection against advanced threats to ensure the security of your staff and data.

EdgeWave EPIC iGuard URL Analysis

EPIC provides iGuard, the real-time URL analysis capability behind EdgeWave iPrism Web Security. iGuard combines human review with next-generation technology to provide the most accurate website assessments with the lowest false positive and false negative rates in the industry.

Only a human reviewer can determine the true intent of a website. The EPIC analysts behind iGuard are an experienced group of multi-lingual web content experts who characterize sites by domain, specific URL and/or general IP address into 80 categories, using documented, detailed criteria. You receive daily iGuard database updates, and hourly updates on sites containing the most emergent web security risks such as botnets, spyware, malware, and phishing. With EPIC and iGuard’s combination of advanced technology and human review, false positives and false negatives are virtually eliminated. Learn More…

Kaspersky Anti-Virus

Kaspersky SafeStream II anti-virus scanning with real-time data stream scanning of http and https traffic.  Includes Zero day high-risk and infected URL feed with up to the minute updates.

Secure Traffic Analysis

HTTPS SNI and Host Certificate inspection for policy compliance. Includes selective TLS interception and proxy with full content inspection.  Features SSL interception configurable via destination domain and/or IP.

Application Filtering

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers application controls that reduce the risks associated with unsanctioned application communications. These applications, which include popular IM and P2P protocols, not only erode productivity and drain bandwidth; they can open serious corporate web security gaps where bot-related malware and viruses can invade your network. iPrism allows you to monitor and block IM and P2P applications such as Skype and FTP with a simple set-and-forget check box.

Outbound Anti-Botnet Protection

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security provides continuous defense against dangerous botnets by leveraging its unique botnet threat database to stop the “phone-home” mechanism that enables stealth, bot-related malware to steal identities or data and commit illegal or malicious actions within and outside your network. Learn More…

Anti-Circumvention and Anonymous Browsing Protection

Employees who try to get around your Web security measures by using circumvention tools, proxies or anonymizer websites, will have their attempts blocked at every turn by EdgeWave iPrism Web Security’s multi-layered approach:

Dynamically-Detected Proxies

Using deep packet inspection with real-time pattern rules, iPrism web security software monitors and blocks websites or private servers leveraging script-based proxy tools, including PHProxy and CGIProxy, to anonymously redirect web requests. Learn More…

Circumvention Defense Network (CDN)

iPrism’s unique CDN protects your organization from circumvention attempts by gathering intelligence on thousands of externally-hosted non-Web servers used to circumvent your network security by re-routing Web requests.  We collect these IP addresses in the cloud and analyze them against known legitimate sites to mitigate false positives and immediately and continuously download the results to your iPrism.  iPrism inspects outbound traffic and enforces the monitoring and blocking of circumvention tools – including UltraSurf, TOR and JAP clients – attempting to connect to their server networks.  Learn More…

Active Domain IP Address Mapping and SSL Certificate Inspection

Administrators always know where users are going on the Web because HTTPS traffic is enforced and reported using domain names, instead of IP addresses, in both transparent bridge and proxy mode deployments.  This mapping feature blocks the ability to circumvent iPrism Web Security using IP addresses.


The iGuard analyst team continuously monitors message groups and other anonymizer listing sites for new anonymizer URLs, and updates the database hourly.

iPrism Technology

Industry-leading web security, deployable in any scenario for any organization

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers the cyber security of a high-performance appliance and the flexibility and scalability of a feature-rich, software-based web filter solution. Our iPrism technology, with its hardened and optimized operating system and unique kernel-level filtering, combines with powerful appliances to bring you comprehensive, accurate and secure Web access management, with no latency.

Multi-Layered Web Security Threat Protection

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security’s unique combination of enforcement methods assures powerful protection from botnets, malware, viruses, phishing and other threats. These methods include integration with a comprehensive botnet threat index, the 100% human-review iGuard URL database, integrated AV engine, and iPrism’s unique Circumvention Defense Network. Together they deliver unrivalled web security protection to your organization and are easily enabled via simple check boxes, rather than complex multi-dimensional rule sets.

Unmatched Web Security & Stability

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security’s on-premises appliances have secure connections and hardened OS that make it impervious to external threats and web security breaches. In addition, even internal corruption due to power loss or disconnect isn’t a problem because our appliances are optimized for uptime and rapid reboot. Learn More…

Highest Performing Technology

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security technology is port-agnostic providing comprehensive coverage across any network.  With filtered traffic throughput speeds over 1 Gbps, even networks with the largest pipelines are easily managed by iPrism. And iPrism’s remote web filter feature ensures complete Internet protection even with the most remote devices. Learn More…

Transparent User Authentication

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers transparent authentication that allows you to easily delegate administration roles and manage and enforce Internet usage policy with flexible granularity. iPrism makes authentication easy with transparent methodology that allows you to delegate administration roles via group membership to privileges mapping, and have visibility into, manage and enforce Internet usage policy via group membership to profiles mapping. Learn More…

iPrism Administration & Deployment

A corporate web security suite for fast reporting, alerts and monitoring that’s easily deployed across all access points

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security provides flexible administration and deployment options so you can set and enforce Internet usage policies tailored for your organization to ensure the safety and security of your staff and data.

Flexible Policy Rules

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers flexible policy rule sets that allow you to manage your acceptable use and security policies with accuracy and granularity. It enables you to log both Web and application activity on your network and protect against security threats while minimizing productivity loss, mitigating bandwidth degradation and assuring your organization’s compliance with regulatory requirements. Learn More…

Comprehensive On-Box Reporting

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security offers a wide range of standard and customizable on-box reports with no additional hardware or software required to easily generate the management reports you need. Web Security reporting is a critical tool that supplies the visibility you need to assure that internal policies are being enforced and the proof required to make sure you are complying with regulatory requirements such as CIPA, HIPPA, SOX, GLBA and others.

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security Reporting Features

Accurate Filtering Means Accurate Reporting

Most software-based solutions use “pass-by” filtering technology. The trouble with pass-by is that it can be overwhelmed when Internet traffic is high, resulting in missed packets. If a packet slips past your filtering solution, so does the opportunity to report on it because, from the solution’s perspective, the event never occurred. However, the reality is that the event did occur and because of this scenario you have introduced doubt into the accuracy of your web filter reporting.

With iPrism Web Security’s next-generation kernel-level filtering and transparent bridge deployment, you no longer have to worry about missed packets and you can ensure that your Internet filter reports are generated from accurate and reliable data, and presented in a meaningful format.

Long-Term Data Log Retention

iPrism Web Security allows you to retain Internet data logs on-box to assure you can address legal or regulatory compliance issues with accurate historical on-box reporting, should the need arise. Your organization’s Internet usage data can be retained for up to a year, depending on the number of workstations and volume of Web traffic.

Email Alerts

The iPrism Web Security Solution goes beyond web filter reporting, offering effective, automatic email alerts. When acceptable use or security policy infractions occur, or when circumvention attempts, malware or other problems are detected by your iPrism, you are immediately notified via email that an event has occurred. This allows sufficient time to react and remediate problems, assuring you stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

Real-Time Monitoring (RTM)

Tired of waiting to generate network filter reporting? With this feature you can monitor your web and application traffic on-demand. And you can configure RTM to monitor all or per-user traffic or only those critical events occurring outside of your acceptable use policy or security policies. In those cases, RTM becomes an important diagnostic tool, helping you determine where web security holes have opened and where policy violations are occurring.

Comprehensive On-Box Reporting That’s Easy-to-Use

The on-box reporting package includes tools such as the Report Wizard that make obtaining and presenting the information you need easy and intuitive. Using the Report Wizard, regular web filter reporting is easy, with simple reports from scratch or pre-existing report templates. The Wizard walks you through all the necessary steps from the criteria you want to apply through to a finished report. Create web security reports for multiple types of web and application traffic so you are assured thorough reporting coverage of your entire organization.

Tabular Views Mean Drill-Down Efficiency

The iPrism Web Security reporting package is the only solution that offers tabular web filter reporting views as you drill down. This means that you can create a report, drill-down to a different view, and access your previous view via tabs along the top of the screen. This unique feature gives you the maximum flexibility to explore your data dynamically, without running multiple reports or losing unsaved reports. It also allows you to quickly compare data among multiple web security reports.


Appliances Sized For Every Need

With a variety of models available to suit your requirements, there is an iPrism appliance to fit any size organization. iPrism combines proprietary web security software and optimized hardware in one self-contained solution that delivers powerful, comprehensive Web Security to organizations ranging from large enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses. Learn More…

Citrix Ready

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security is the only appliance-based Web security solution that has been proclaimed Citrix Ready by Citrix Engineers. If you use Citrix, your environment can cause special challenges when you need to deploy an Internet security solution. Recent tests conducted by Citrix engineers confirm that the iPrism Web Security solution surpasses all competitors in its ability to easily integrate within a Citrix environment without degrading performance. Learn More…

Flexible Deployment Options

iPrism offers flexible deployment options that deliver comprehensive interoperability and powerful Web security in a wide range of network platforms and configurations. As a stand-alone appliance with no additional software or servers required, iPrism Web Security has greater flexibility in adapting to a wide range of network scenarios involving mixed platforms, legacy systems and other variants.

Transparent Bridge

Installing iPrism in its typical Transparent Bridge Mode combines the accuracy and security of pass-through filters with the speed of a pass-by or sniffer-type solution, giving you the best of both worlds:

  • iPrism is deployed in-line between the firewall and the switch
  • Pass-thru traffic is securely monitored defeating any attempts to circumvent the Web filter
  • Pass-by traffic is picked up and pages are blocked according to your organization’s policies
  • Filtering occurs at the kernel level, which means latency is less likely to occur
  • Single Point of Failure issues are eliminated with the Bypass Module on the NIC because any problems with the Web filter will not affect normal network operations or performance


In explicit proxy mode, the iPrism web security appliance is not inline and you must configure client browsers to send their Web requests directly to the iPrism. Proxy deployment provides tighter control of user desktops than transparent bridge.

  • In proxy mode, the iPrism is installed right off the switch and workstations are pointed to the iPrism via a proxy statement.
  • When a user sends a request for a web page, it goes unimpeded through the switch to the iPrism, The URL is copied and forwarded to the Internet through the switch and the request returns from the Internet through the firewall and switch and back to the iPrism
  • The webpage requested is analyzed by the iPrism and will be monitored or blocked according to your organization’s policies
  • In Proxy mode users can be required to login to each session explicitly which may be preferable for classrooms and other settings where computers are shared

Mixed Mode

Flexible transparent deployment means the iPrism appliance can still function as a direct proxy when deployed in Transparent Bridge Mode. The iPrism Web Security appliance is installed between the switch and the router and all Internet requests are handled via the iPrism. Mixed mode configuration can be used to support mixed protocol, mixed user, mixed machine or mixed authentication environments where greater deployment flexibility is required.

  • This deployment allows one group of users to be proxied to the iPrism while the other is connected via transparent bridge.
  • Functioning in both modes simultaneously allows greater flexibility in deployment.
  • Proxy functionality is available for multi-user workstations or as an alternative to our Remote Filtering solution for remote users who may not use the same web security gateway to the Internet as on-site users

Citrix Virtual Desktop Support

iPrism is the only appliance-based Web security solution that has been proclaimed Citrix Ready by Citrix Engineers. If you use Citrix, your environment can cause special challenges when you need to deploy an Internet security solution. Recent tests conducted by Citrix engineers confirm that the iPrism Web Security solution surpasses all competitors in its ability to easily integrate within a Citrix environment without degrading performance.  Learn More…

VLAN Support

iPrism Web Security supports VLANs and can be installed on a trunked port. If your network includes VLANS, you can easily set up iPrism to filter VLAN tagged traffic. You can also configure your iPrism to enforce policy on a per VLAN basis by creating separate network entries for each VLAN on the network list. This will allow you to manage non-authenticated traffic and admin privileges such as overrides.

Fits Any Network

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security simply fits in networks of all shapes and sizes. Scales both large and small, distributed or centralized and integrates with mixed networks including Terminal Services. Learn More…

High Availability Deployment

EdgeWave iPrism Web Security High Availability deployment allows you to avoid disruption of your Web monitoring, blocking and reporting, by installing two iPrism appliances in parallel in a single network, with one designated as the Primary and the other as the Secondary. The Primary iPrism manages your organization’s Web access, while the Secondary iPrism remains in standby mode. Learn More…