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 Admin Time is Doubled with Other Internet Filters
Admin Time is Doubled with Other  

Internet Filters

New Study Confirms: iPrism Internet Filtering Drastically Reduces TCO Compared with Websense and SurfControl Internet filters . iPrism Users spend 50% less time on Web Filtering compared to Websense and SurfControl

Internet FiltersA new study by independent research consultants Robert Hale and Associates found that iPrism

Internet Content Filter

 users spend one-half the time spent by Websense and SurfControl users on their Internet content filtering tasks. The study results have strong implications for organizations looking to reduce total cost of ownership while maintaining robust network security with comprehensive Internet filtering.

A summary of study findings includes:
  • Among the Internet Filters and all parameters surveyed, Websense and SurfControl Internet filtering customers spent twice as much time in the first year as EdgeWave iPrism Internet Content Filter users. EdgeWave iPrism Internet Content Filtering users spent an average of 483 hours per year, Websense users spent 1,040 hours and SurfControl users spent 910 hours.
  • The dramatic difference in hours spent on these Internet filters was across all tasks associated with Internet filtering that were measured including set up and installation, management and administration, hardware maintenance and reporting.
  • This study of Internet filters found that EdgeWave iPrism Internet filtering users need to re-boot less often then Websense and SurfControl Internet content filtering users
  • A larger number of Websense and SurfControl customers have switched to iPrism Internet filtering than have iPrism customers switched to either Websense or SurfControl Internet filters.

When calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of any hardware or software product, such as Internet Filters, the acquisition price is just part of the equation. According to a recent Gartner report, TCO can be up to 4.5 times higher than your initial acquisition price. Gartner states that the main variable driving up TCO is labor costs. The good news is that labor costs are actually the most manageable part of the equation. This TCO study shows you how dramatically iPrism cuts the time your IT staff will spend on all tasks associated with web filtering compared to Websense and SurfControl. The difference directly affects your bottom line.

The study, the first of its kind in North America, measured the costs involved in acquiring a Web filtering solution, analyzing those that extend beyond the initial solution price. These costs can include additional hardware and software required to operate the solution, time spent on integration and others factors. The study found that iPrism TCA is up to 43% lower than the comparable Websense solution for an average 750 seat network.

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