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Email Security White Papers

EdgeWave offers a comprehensive suite of email security services and products ranging from spam filtering to email archiving. Browse though our informative email security white papers below to learn more about our innovative solutions.

        Vulnerabilities - the World Through the Eyes of Hackers  
Understand how cybercriminals identify targets, how they evaluate the ROI of an attack, and the different steps of an attack. Written by Or Weis, veteran security expert with a background in cyber-warfare in both government and civilian arenas.

PDF        Email Security Best Practices for the Financial Services Industry
Email is the most critical communication tool for Financial Services, So make sure you?re armed with the facts as you manage your company's network security! A new research report, Email Security Best Practices for the Financial Services Industry, gives you the critical insights you need to keep your company secure from external threats.

PDF        Convincing Decision Makers of the Critical Need for Archiving
Archiving your organization's electronic content is a critical best practice that every company should follow. Surprisingly, some companies don't understand the importance of long-term retention and are reluctant to incur the expense. Convincing Decision Makers of the Critical Need for Archiving, discusses the various reasons to archive email and other electronic content, but goes beyond obvious answers to provide some concrete reasons and justification for deploying and maintaining an archiving system.

PDF    The Importance of Email Continuity
Email is the single most important tool in helping employees get work done in organizations of all sizes. That's why outages of even a few minutes in length can create numerous problems for individual email users, as well as the business processes that rely on email as their transport infrastructure. The Importance of Email Continuity, discusses why having a disaster recovery solution that can keep your email processes moving when interruptions occur is critical.

PDF    Securing Outbound Content: The case for DLP and Encryption
Stories of damaging security breaches resulting from intentional or inadvertent exposure of outbound content are all too familiar. Securing Outbound Content: The case for DLP and Encryption, focuses on the critical need to manage outbound content sent using email, IM and social media protocols and the damaging content that might be sent.

PDF    Beyond Spam - Email Security in the Age of Blended Threats
Recent high-profile cyber attacks against large organizations such as Amazon, Sony and others highlight how rapidly the email security landscape is changing. Beyond Spam - Email Security in the Age of Blended Threats, discusses how new sophisticated, blended email threats can spell disaster for organizations large and small if they are relying on spam filters alone to protect them.

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