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On-Demand Demos

  • An Interactive Guide to EdgeWave iPrism Web Security

    Watch these demo videos today to learn how easy protecting your organization with Enterprise-class web security can be!

  • Social Media Security for Schools

    This on-demand webinar explains the benefits of the Social Media Security service. The webinar discusses the many features in iPrism that make it the ideal choice for schools

  • YouTube for Schools: Overview and Integration with iPrism Web Security

    View this new on-demand webinar that explains the benefits of the free YouTube for Schools service and describes how easily iPrism works with YouTube EDU to bring learning enrichment resources to your school. The webinar discusses the many features in iPrism that make it the ideal choice for schools. Download this informative presentation and learn how to protect your students and school networks from Internet-based threats, while enjoying the vast education resources that YouTube EDU has to offer.

  • Defending Against Criminal Malware

    This on-demand video explains the serious threat posed by criminal malware called botnets. Learn how to defend your network against these types of attacks by deploying a multi-layered security strategy, including proprietary real-time botnet defense and inbound and outbound protection.

  • How Protecting Email Content Protects HIPAA PHI

    This Webinar, featuring Michael Osterman of Osterman Research explains how the changes in HIPAA as a result of the HITECH Act have expanded the scope of who must manage protected health information properly, and the consequences of failing to comply with all of the new requirements. In short, HIPAA is no longer just about the healthcare industry. Anyone who deals with protected healthcare information (PHI) is now responsible for securing it.


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