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Email Security
Antispam and Antivirus Solutions for ISPs

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are on the frontlines of email threat defense. Are you tired of dealing with disgruntled and unhappy customers who are angry about spam, email delays and network downtime? The combination of dwindling resources, expanding volumes of inbound and outbound email and the increasing number of email threats has created a significant challenge for most service providers.

The ePrism Email Security team understands the ISP market and the challenges you face. That's why we make it easy for you to provide your subscribers with reliable, effective, and accurate email security without the ongoing tuning and maintenance required by traditional email filters. As an extension of your first class support team, we help you increase customer satisfaction and retention with hosted, no-touch solutions that make their lives easier by improving your subscribers' email services. And migration to ePrism's ISP antispam technology from your current solution can be achieved seamlessly with the ePrism Migration Program.

ePrism Offers Unrivalled Benefits to ISPs
  • ePrism blocks spam and viruses at the gateway, allowing you to shed up to 80% of your email traffic through session defenses
  • Our next-generation technology effectively blocks all types of phishing attacks
  • Exclusive Zero Minute Defense stops emerging email threats before other solutions are able to detect them
  • Protects against denial of service, directory harvesting and other malicious attacks
  • Offers unlimited scalability and reliability
  • Provides unrivalled ease-of-use for both administrators and end users
  • Filters inbound and outbound mail streams simultaneously to protect you from blacklisting
  • Assures seamless migration from other solutions

Top Criteria ePrism Benefits
Enhanced End-User Experience
  • Subscribers only receive valid email messages with no latency and no email-borne threats.
  • ePrism personal dashboard allows users to easily control settings and quickly review and release quarantined email for optimum productivity - includes a simplified personal dashboard option for low-bandwidth connections and/or legacy browsers.
Next-generation technology prevents new threats With Zero Minute Defense, ePrism stops attacks and threats other solutions can't identify.
  • ePrism requires no admin intervention, analysis or maintenance.
  • Filtering engine monitored and updated automatically hundreds of times a day
  • Botnet detection stops and tracks spam bots in real-time, delivering dynamic updates continuously
  • Our pre-emptive Spam trigger stops high-value threats before they hit your inbox
Cost Best Total Cost of Ownership in the market
  • Proactive data center monitoring
  • Significant operational savings
Ease of system maintenance No filter tuning, fully managed service
  • All solutions are monitored and maintained continuously by ePrism experts
  • No drain on your company resources
  • Automatic user discovery and deletion
  • Reporting can be automated and sent directly to administrators
Ease of Migration Migrating to ePrism from your current solution is seamless and pain-free
Live support 24x7 U S.-based technical support staffed by email security experts, continuously receives 94% + customer satisfaction ratings

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