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Carrier-Grade Performance and Technology

Despite concerted, worldwide efforts to eradicate scammers and cyber criminals, spam is on the rise; accounting for 95-99% of all email sent and received every day. Subscriber complaints about email are up as some service provider networks are feeling the strain of the vast number of emails hitting gateway devices and mail servers. The scope and scale of the spam problems requires a dynamic, real-time ISP spam filter that automatically evaluates and defends against the next generation of threats. This is the challenge that ePrism's technology was created to overcome.

Scalable, Enterprise-Class Email Security Solutions
ePrism delivers the industry's most effective and highest performing ISP defense against spam, phishing attacks, viruses and malware. Our easy-to-manage, scalable solutions consistently block more than 99.991% of inbound and outbound messaging attacks in real time with near zero false positives. In addition to this level of accuracy, ePrism requires significantly less processing power than competitive solutions. ePrism's ISP spam filter frees network resources and delivers an immediate improvement in filtering reliability and accuracy. Our solutions have been tested and proven in environments like yours -supporting dozens to hundreds to thousands of domains for all types of users. Whether it's managing a throughput of one million messages a day or a minute, ePrism ISP antispam technology delivers unparalleled real-time reaction and accuracy.

Antispam Protection with Zero Minute Defense
ePrism delivers the industry's fastest and most accurate response against spam attacks. With our proprietary Zero Minute Defense™, our third-generation, behavior-based filtering technology sets a new standard for effectiveness in eliminating unwanted, fraudulent and predatory email. Automated, multi-layered and closed looped, Zero Minute Defense is the only solution in the marketplace to adequately address future and constantly-evolving email threats. iPrism new filtering rules are being created immediately and continuously upon detection, and are automatically pushed out to provide customers with real-time defenses against emerging threats.

AntiPhishing Protection
Unlike spam attacks, phishing attacks are typically low in volume and don't cast a wide net to get their victims like a typical botnet or spam campaign. These attackers instead target specific names and email addresses, sending unsuspecting users to spoofed websites that look legitimate. These disguised sites are often online for just a few hours or days. Phishing attacks are often overlooked by most antispam solutions due to their low volume and transient nature. ePrism has proprietary technology designed specifically to stop phishing attacks before they reach your end users.

AntiVirus Protection
Signature-based virus solutions are no longer enough. Scammers and cyber criminals are delivering viruses in a variety of ways, intent on fooling antivirus engines and email users alike. ePrism supplements multiple signature-based engines with our own lightening quick zero-hour virus detection. ePrism AV is not volume-dependent and starts blocking as soon as a virus is detected and verified. Regardless of whether you are interested in a cloud-based solution or clustered hardware, we can custom engineer the best solution for your business.

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