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Security Solutions Designed for ISPs

EdgeWave ePrism Email Security's comprehensive suite of proprietary and patent-pending technology was built from the ground up to deliver superior performance. With other vendors, you have to choose between a network appliance or a hosted service for your ISP spam filter. Not with ePrism. ePrism's award-winning ISP security technology is available in a hosted cloud-based configuration or as on-premise network appliances. Best of all, the network appliance can automatically fail-over to the cloud-based system in the event of an outage.

For service providers with more than 250,000 mailboxes, ePrism can deploy custom engineered solutions to meet your specific requirements. Using this option, we work closely with you on the optimal solution to seamlessly integrate with your existing hardware environment.

Service in the Cloud
ePrism's hosted cloud-based ISP security service means we do all the work for you and your subscribers. You can deliver the benefits of our ISP antispam technology immediately, without having to install any software or hardware -- nothing to install on servers or desktops and no manuals to read, nor technical training to attend, and no downtime. We partner with you and your subscribers to reap the benefits of safe, secure email. The ePrism Hosted Service easily scales to meet the needs of all your subscribers and can be custom engineered to meet your needs with options like mail processing, email continuity, data protection and secure email archive.

Dual Data Center Cloud Filtering Configuration

ePrism Network Appliances with Built-in Redundancy
ePrism Email Security Suite also offers network appliances for high-performance localized protection of email systems and users, specifically designed for service providers. ePrism ISP security network appliances are non-disruptive, standalone devices compatible with all email servers, systems, and client software. The ISP security appliances for email work without the need for any software to be installed or updated on any servers or client computers. Any number of ISP security appliances can be clustered and managed centrally or contact us to learn about custom engineered solutions to meet your needs.

EdgeWave ePrism compatible Cloud filtering configuration

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