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Service Provider Success Stories

At EdgeWave, we work with service providers and telcos across the country, on a regular basis. We understand your challenges and can help you deliver reliable and secure email services to your subscribers. Below are a few examples of service providers that have successfully deployed ePrism solutions. You can also read more in the case studies below.

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  ePrism is a nice fusion of the two types of approaches. On one hand, we have the appliances in our data center. We can feed these servers and take care of them. We can drive the software that is running on those servers. We also have a deeper level of support from ePrism. We have the control because we have the servers in house, we can watch the traffic and monitor the load. Plus, we have a partner that can monitor the software and service and help us to identify service issues. At the end of the day, we chose a partner that was interested in our business, would listen to us, and make changes based upon our needs."

VISI logo

    -  Jason Baker, Chief Technology Officer

  ePrism has allowed us to reduce our customer service calls to an almost non- existent level, and I can count the number of viruses we've had to deal with one hand. It has drastically allowed us to improve our level of customer service, reduce service time and operational costs, and we are passing those savings on to our customers."

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    -  Dino Milani, Senior Network Technician

  I rarely see spam make it to our inboxes, and if it does, ePrism is quick to make any adjustments to the hands-off monitoring. The systems work, and our customers that used to just live with the annoyance of spam, have also noticed. When we rolled out MAG, customers would email us saying, 'I don't know what you've done, but thank you.' Honestly, the only time we think about the ePrism appliance is when ePrism sends us an email or a technician calls us when customer support recognizes that something may be wrong with our system. The combination of extremely effective, yet invisible solutions with very accessible support made EdgeWave the right partner for Hancock and our customers."
Hancock Telecom logo

    -  Ross Ferson, Network Operations Access Supervisor

  ePrism filters better, and its spam digest and user interface have been really helpful to our department and customers. The solution is much easier to use and manage for our IT staff, as well as our customers, who worry much less about spam. Overall we have been really pleased with ePrism. It is an exceptional performing spam filter, and it has allowed us to make tremendous strides in eliminating email-related customer concerns."

Arvig Communication Systems logo

    -  John Ketelhut, Internet Support Services Supervisor

  Because of how effective ePrism is at blocking spam at the gateway, we were able to recycle two of our multi-processor, multi-gigs-of-ram servers and turn off a third server that were being used just to manage spam. When we switched over to ePrism, the dozens of daily calls related to spam also went away, which freed up tremendous time resources among our administrative and technical support teams."

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    -  Adam Ring, System Administrator

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