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Threat Distribution

Most common spam subject lines from recent day.

The ratio of spam detected during one day as compared to the first day on the chart (100%)

The distribution of yesterday's mail by disposition. The distribution of viruses found most often in yesterday's mail.

Threat History

The portion of scanned messages that is spam.

The portion of scanned messages that contains phishing scams.

The portion of scanned messages containing viruses.

Threats Detected Daily

The number of new spam campaigns detected and preemptively blocked per day.

The number of new Internet bots or zombies detected per day.

Botnet Threats

Botnet "command and control" host server worldwide concentration

Average age of botnet "command and control" server IPs.

 News Feed

Russian SMS Trojan for Android hits U.S., dozens of other countries

Coding error protects some Android apps from Heartbleed

CloudFlare launches bug bounty program

Mysterious malware steals Apple credentials from jailbroken iOS devices

Web apps and point-of-sale were leading hacker targets in 2013

NEC launches face-recognition security protection for PCs

The sky is falling! Hackers target satellites

Most but not all sites have fixed Heartbleed flaw

KB 2919355: You can't patch the desktop like a phone

The Heartbleed recovery starts with you and me

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