GoSecure Acquires EdgeWave to Bolster Detection & Response Capabilities

The confidence to communicate securely

With thousands of customers and millions of users globally, EdgeWave gives unparalleled confidence to growing organizations in today’s hyper threat environment. We deliver the most accurate email security solutions and a web security gateway to protect your people and data.



ThreatTest Anti‑Phishing

See how it works and why it’s the ultimate defense against phishing

Email Security Solutions

ePrism Email Security

Cloud-based spam and malicious file filtering focused on today’s threats

Secure Content Archive

Secure Content Archive

Email, file and SharePoint archiving for eDiscovery, file management, litigation, and compliance

Web Security

iPrism Web Security

Web content filtering and threat protection in a high performance appliance

“Since we’ve implemented ThreatTest, end users can make sure email is legitimate at the click of a button. They don’t have to contact IT and wait for an answer, because they’ll get a direct response from the system within a few minutes.”

Steve Davidson

EdgeWave Email Security Solutions - ThreatTest

The Resolution Cycle

ThreatTest lets any user route suspicious emails into our automated remediation cycle. We test and analyze the email in question, then we either verify it, or vanquish it. Users are notified by the system, and IT doesn’t have to analyze every questionable email—we do it for them.

The numbers don’t lie.

Based on a recent survey on ransomware, current security layers and awareness training still leave a big vulnerability gap:

  • 100% of attacks bypassed antivirus
  • 95% of attacks bypassed the corporate firewall
  • 77% bypassed the company’s email filtering
  • 33% succeeded despite security awareness training


Barkly. “Survey: Ransomware vs. Traditional Security.” November 2016

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