Service Level Agreement



This Service Level Agreement (SLA) defines the minimum level of services offered to customers who subscribe to EdgeWave products and services. Customers may subscribe to any of the following services.

  • Email Filtering to secure inbound/outbound email from spam, malware, phishing and other attacks.
  • Email DLP to enforce compliancy rules on outbound email and attachments.
  • Email Encryption to securely encrypt and deliver email based on user-designated and rules-based routing.
  • Email Continuity to provide an alternative to a corporate MTA for SMTP transactions during maintenance windows or disasters using a hosted webmail interface and temporary MTA.
  • Email Archive to ensure that all messages are stored for retrieval, compliance and disaster recovery off-site.
  • On-premises Web Security to ensure that end-users are surfing the web without browsing inappropriate sites based on the iGuard database and to prevent malware from delivery to end-users’ workstations and other systems routed through the local network (such as, devices using VPN or local WiFi).
  • Remote Web Security to enforce web security policies on Windows, OSX, iOS and Android remote users using a service, which is a hybrid of hosted, client and on-premises components.

This document describes the service levels of these services, technical support and data centers performance.

Purpose of the SLA

Purpose of this SLA is to define a framework of service levels for products and services. This framework will set customer expectations with regard to the reliability and timeliness of the services described above and define metrics for measuring these service levels.

Related Documents

EULA – The End-User License Agreement is displayed and acknowledged during the provisioning/installation procedures for all EdgeWave products and services. The current EULA can be found at

There are terms and conditions associated with the sale and/or renewal of EdgeWave products and services. In addition, customers may have agreements with designated resellers, managed service providers or other affiliates. This SLA does not change the terms prescribed by those other agreements.

EdgeWave supports customers’ privacy. The current privacy policy can be found at


Service Information

Description of Services

  1. Customers can connect from any computer located on and off premises to multi-tenant systems located at EdgeWave controlled data centers. Customers may install computer equipment/software depending on the product or service. If customers manage and/or own their email server(s), then those servers connect to EdgeWave data centers to receive/send emails that are scanned, routed, etc. Web traffic is scanned at end-points or at the edge of the local network depending on the deployment.
  2. The services covered by the SLA are listed below:Products and services
    • Email Filtering
    • Email DLP
    • Email Encryption
    • Email Continuity
    • Email Archive
    • On-premises Web Security
    • Remote Web Security

    Service availability

    • Products and services will be available 24/7/365 unless otherwise notified of scheduled downtime.
    • EdgeWave Data Center operations will be available 24/7/365 unless otherwise notified of scheduled downtime.
    • Customer Care for EdgeWave managed services will be available via telephone, email 24/7/365; or chat weekdays, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time.
    • Customer Care for customer maintained products will be available via telephone, email weekdays, 5:00 AM – 5:00 PM Pacific Time; or chat weekdays, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM Pacific Time. See note below about daylight saving time and holiday observance.


    • This SLA only applies to customers in good standing with active accounts. Active accounts are defined in the terms and conditions of the customer sale or renewal.
    • Customers who subscribe to services are subject to this SLA unless another agreement pre-empts this SLA.
    • Customer Care
    • To reach Customer Care go to for all contact information.

Service Standards

On-Demand Services Availability 99.99% 99.99% 7/24/365
Time Zone: (PST/PDT) (UTC -8 hours)
Rate or Frequency Annualized Annualized Daily
Responsiveness (See Responsiveness table below)
Quality Metric Accessibility into at least one data center Email is processed; hosted email, archive and quarantine are available; web traffic is not hindered. Response and resolution times.
Scheduled Downtime Yes – Notices are posted on the EdgeWave status page at Yes – Please see below for notes about time zones and observance of DST and holiday hours.

EdgeWave shall classify Support Requests using the following definitions:

  • Fatal / Critical: Service is inaccessible by you.
  • Severe / High: Service is operational, but you are experiencing loss of major functionality.
  • Degraded / Medium: Sporadic Service behavior – non-essential functions are disabled.
  • Minimal Impact / Low: All other issues (for example, feature requests).

EdgeWave shall provide you with an acknowledgment of the Support Request and will use commercially reasonable efforts to respond, as necessary, according to the following schedule:

Fatal/Critical Immediately
Severe/High Immediately
Degraded/Medium Within two (2) hours
Minimal Impact/Low Within twenty-four (24) hours

Customer is responsible for notifying Customer Care as soon as possible in the event of a fatal or severe service issue.

EdgeWave will use commercially reasonable efforts to keep the customer informed regarding resolution of all Support Requests submitted.


Service Tracking

Tracking of service levels will be performed ad hoc unless other arrangements exist.

Tracking of objective measures

Any unscheduled downtime will be tracked, added and annualized. For example, if an unscheduled outage of email services occurs for 15 minutes, and no other outages have been tracked this year, the annualized uptime is 99.997%. If another unscheduled outage of the same service occurs for an additional 30 minutes in the same year (a total of 45 minutes for the year), the annualized uptime will be 99.991%.  Customer Care uptime will be measured by tracking calls answered and response time via email, chat session, webpage or telephone.

Tracking of subjective perceptions

EdgeWave will periodically (at its discretion) conduct customer satisfaction surveys to determine ways of improving our services. In addition, customers may send Customer Care a message to submit comments (positive and negative) to help EdgeWave improve its service levels.

Service Reporting

EdgeWave will regularly log all events for service, data centers, and telephone and email communications to Customer Care. These will be reviewed to determine our uptime and conduct post mortem analysis so that EdgeWave can improve and objectively measure its performance. Customers in good standing can review the results from these analyses (in summary) by making that request to Customer Care. The EdgeWave NOC maintains a service level dashboard at There, one can see important notices, uptime statistics and maintenance schedule.


Termination of the SLA

EdgeWave reserves the right to amend or cancel this SLA at any time, at its sole discretion, effective 30 days after giving email notice. If a customer objects to the SLA changes, he/she may terminate services immediately.



Pricing/Cost/Budget Information

To get the latest pricing, please contact your local reseller or call our Sales department. EdgeWave contact information can be found at

Additional Service Details

Some customers may (from time to time) require some migration, portable archival and maintenance services. These are not covered by this SLA. However, they may be provided by EdgeWave as deemed necessary.

Problem Management Process

Problems are escalated to the Network Operations Center (NOC) as soon as it is determined the problem is fatal or severe. They employ the use of mobile devices, which are independently maintained outside the network of EdgeWave products and services. The NOC members collaborate in real time to solve problems as fast as possible. Regular progress updates are distributed to NOC and Customer Care team members.

Holiday List and Time Zone

Holidays are observed in Customer Care, however, Data Centers and the products and services are not. EdgeWave Customer Care hours of operation are published for Pacific Time Zone in San Diego, CA, USA.

Holidays are observed as follows.

New Year’s Day January 1 and/or weekday observed Closed
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day 3rd Monday in January Closed
President’s Day 3rd Monday in February Closed
Spring Holiday Friday before Easter Closed
Memorial Day Last Monday in May Closed
Independence Day July 4 and/or weekday observed Closed
Labor Day 1st Monday in September Closed
Thanksgiving 4th Thursday and Friday in November Closed
Christmas Eve December 24 and/or weekday observed Closed
Christmas December 25 and/or weekday observed Closed


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