I’m good – thanks!

Almost every day we hear from prospects how they have an email security gateway, so they are protected from phishing. Another variant is “We don’t have a phishing problem” although rarely can someone describe how they know this to be true. For many...

Teach a Man to Fish, not Phish!

Why do employees keep falling for phishing email scams? As discussed in a recent SC Media 20/20 webcast, sponsored by EdgeWave, malware and phishing scams have been around since the 80s and with all of today’s security technology, one would think we’ve...

Stop Chasing Every Suspicious Email

Last week, in part 3 of our 4 part series, we asked you, as an IT professional, to evaluate if your users are careless or curious when clicking on random emails. Do they filter their Inbox and take caution when engaging with emails they receive, especially when it...

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