Official Web filter for the US Open Tennis Championships

5 stars

“Our non-gambling filtering policies were strictly adhered to without us ever having to touch endpoints, and performance, even with the enormity of data that was transferred during the event, was excellent.”
– Larry Bonfante, Chief Information Officer of the U.S. Tennis Association

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Leading companies around the world trust EdgeWave to keep their business-critical data secure and staff safe and productive.  Our customers expect high-performance advanced threat protection – and we deliver.


“iPrism was a piece of cake to set up and took half the time I spent on the Websense deployment.”

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Dawn Pumphrey

Systems Administrator / Shepherd Electric Supply

“Large IT departments can consider bigger software-based solutions because they have the manpower to manage them, but why hire an IT guy to maintain and monitor a software-based solution when iPrism allows you to set-it and forget-it?”

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John Troemel

IT Manager / Krueger Wholesale Florist

“EdgeWave iPrism Web Security delivers that extra layer of protection needed to ensure total network security. iPrism has more than paid for itself.”

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Dave Nelson

IT Director / 80/20 Inc.

Geneseo Communications

“We really like ePrism’s web interface and found it easier to use than many others we have tried. The factors that influenced us to go with the EdgeWave ePrism solution were its ability to keep spam and viruses out of our network while also being the most cost effective solution on the market.”

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Dino Milani

Senior Network Technician / Geneseo Communications, Inc.

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