A recent article in the San Diego Daily Transcript discusses EdgeWave’s new technology for mitigating the risks of social media

EdgeWave President Dave Maquera was recently interviewed by the San Diego Daily Transcript about the impact of social media on businesses and how companies can gain the advantages of social networking while avoiding the risks.

Mr. Maquera originally participated in a Cyber-Security Executive Roundtable hosted by the San Diego Daily Transcript, but his insights into the benefits and risks of companies opening up to social media were so innovative that a separate news story was written.

The article explains the exponential growth of social media, with more than 76% of employers using social networking for their businesses, according to a Proskauer International Labor and Employment Group survey.  Businesses are using social media tools to gain market advantage and grow brand visibility, while finding that it also helps retain employees by allowing access to popular social networking sites at work. However, the risks of granting access without control over employee use of social media platforms can pose significant dangers for companies. Even more significant, the survey also showed that only 27% of businesses that allow social media access are managing their employees’ use.

This is why EdgeWave Social Media Security is so important.  While many cybersecurity companies focus on protecting networks from inbound threats, EdgeWave also guards the outbound side to target risky posts that leak company information. Mr. Maquera explains, “That’s particularly important for things like protecting the brand, preventing cyberbullying or enforcing regulatory requirements.”

Blocking social media in the workplace altogether is not the answer, Mr. Maquera argues, because businesses will be missing out on some major opportunities to promote growth. A McKinsey Global Institute study found that business sectors such as consumer packaged goods, retail financial services, advanced manufacturing and professional services, could be leaving as much as $1.3 trillion of annual value on the table if they don’t take advantages of social media tools.

The article also discussed the importance of social media control for schools in light of how many junior and senior high schools are distributing tablets to their students. Schools are interested in exposing students to content-rich social networking sites but they need to eliminate the dangers. “What’s happening is bad behavior,” said Mr. Maquera. “A lot of these schools come to us and said can you monitor and help us control cyberbullying?”

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