AuburnUniversity-SamfordHallSchools and universities feeling the impact of cyber crime are grappling with notifying constituents of compromised information, while frantically plugging security holes in their networks.

Someone called recent breach announcements just the tip of the iceberg because many school systems have been infected or hacked without detection for years. In the news lately:
Butler University
• Affected: 163,000 staff members
• Incident: unauthorized access of employee personal information
• At risk: names, birth dates, Social Security and bank account numbers

Arkansas State University
• Affected: 50,000 practitioners affected
• Incident: database compromised
• At risk: names, Social Security numbers (partial)

Auburn University
• Affected: 13,698 current and former students
• Incident: university server breached
• At risk: names, Social Security numbers

North Dakota University System
• Affected: 290,000 current and former students, 780 faculty and staff
• Incident: hackers accessed university server; server then used to launch attacks on other computers and systems
• At risk: names, Social Security numbers

University of North Carolina
• Affected: undisclosed number of students and employees
• Incident: server breach
• At risk: Names, addresses, Social Security numbers

University of Wisconsin-Parkside
• Affected: 15,000 students
• Incident: hackers installed malware on university server
• At risk: names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, Social Security numbers

FERPA rules require responsible stewardship of personally identifiable information (PII) and protection from unauthorized access. The U.S. Dept. of Education’s PTAC’s best practices include keeping privacy and security at the forefront of all activities.

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