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The 2014 SailPoint Market Pulse Survey, conducted by an independent research firm, was issued this week, showing how cloud apps increase inside security risks. Titled “Employees Going Rogue with Corporate Data,” the survey of 1,000 employees at large companies (over 3000 employees) from six major economies world wide, revealed that 70 percent of employees use personal mobile devices for work, 63 percent of which access corporate data with the same devices.

The survey says that one in five office employees use cloud apps to share sensitive corporate data outside the premises of their company, and without the knowledge of their IT staff. Cloud apps such as Dropbox, SalesForce, WorkDay, DocuSign, and others, are used by former employees to continue to access corporate data, and a quarter of respondents say they would take corporate data when they leave their jobs, even while aware of corporate policies prohibiting removal of assets.

The survey reflects the danger in the big business, manufacturing, healthcare and educational environments where seemingly infinite access points create the potential for data exfiltration.

The FBI highly recommends a robust security system to protect businesses and organizations from threats to intellectual property, valuable financial data and sensitive trade secrets.

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Recent insider theft cases on the FBI website are enough to inspire organizations from all sectors to take immediate action: