Almost as much is being written about social media as posted to social media and that’s because its influence is being felt in every aspect of our culture, including the workplace.

Companies have long dealt with the thorny issues of data loss and regulatory violations, but the rapid adoption of social media and its inevitable presence at work bring an entire new set of challenges to organizations.  With over 90% of companies supporting a corporate profile on social media sites, organizations want to get the benefits of social media, but they need to feel comfortable allowing their employees to use social media at work.

That’s what makes EdgeWave Social something different. Just like you might set up web usage policies or email protections, you can now do this for social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Our solution gives you precise control over who can do what on these platforms. The system knows who the user is and can enforce whether that user can post or even login to the organization’s accounts. It can also monitor and control what the user can do on their personal accounts whenever they are on the organization’s network or an organization-managed device – be it a laptop, a tablet, or a phone.

The granularity is key. You can have different policies for chatting and mailing than you have for wall posts, status updates, and tweets. And it goes beyond simply turning features on and off. EdgeWave Social provides an added layer of protection by looking at how the user is interacting on social media sites. It doesn’t just look for content like credit card numbers and social security numbers, it detects misuse specific to social media.

Organizations need to start with an effective acceptable use policy that instructs users what constitutes appropriate and inappropriate use. EdgeWave Social is the tool to enforce that policy. It can be used to stop behaviors that can hurt the organization and its employees resulting in costly damages:

  • Racially discriminatory or sexually harassing content could lead to expensive lawsuits and
    damaging judgments
  • Threats of violence, self–harm or even online predators are also serious issues that can have devastating consequences in the workplace
  • Embarrassing statements could harm an organization’s brand or reputation

Simply blocking social media in the workplace is not the answer either. Organizations don’t want to sacrifice the benefits of social media and employees who are accustomed to social media access won’t want to work at an organization that blocks it completely. That’s why the precise, granular control offered by EdgeWave Social is the ideal solution.