Learn how to close your phishing security gap for good.

A new approach to automate phishing security and cut IT costs.

Today phishing is more prevalent than ever, despite layer upon layer of endpoint security solutions. Nothing is 100%, so how can you learn to help protect your business from data breaches and give your employees a way to more quickly and easily handle suspicious emails in their inbox?

Join us for 30 minutes Wednesday March 21st at 8am and find out how Mesa System’s IT Director, Steve Davidson, better secured their networks against Phishing and other email-borne threats, and how they now give employees the ability to flag and remediate email incidents with little or no IT assistance. You’ll also learn:

  • How new phishing attacks were slipping through their defenses
  • How Security Awareness training came with hidden costs
  • How IT can save significant time and money remediating email threats
  • How ThreatTest, a new automated phishing solution, helped close their phishing gap

Sign up today and learn how to save hours every week managing and remediating email attacks.

Steve Davidson

Key Speaker:
Steve Davidson
IT Director
Mesa Systems

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