We’re pleased to announce our latest iGuard SDK for OEMs. Now, OEMs can use the same technology that powers our EdgeWave iPrism Secure Web Gateway, with tens of thousands of URL categories.  The EdgeWave iGuard OEM SDK provides fine-grained content filtering combined with advanced threat defense available as an SDK to incorporate into modern-day SIEMs, web content filters, secure web gateways, hosted services, cloud-based security offerings and other security products and services.

100% Human Reviewed – The reality is that you can’t throw machines at the problem of reviewing websites. For example, take a sensitive subject, “sex”. In the context of pornography, the site needs to be blocked. However, in the context of sex education, the subject might be perfectly fine. Only a human can make that determination, and to this day, iGuard is the only database on the market that is 100% human-reviewed, giving it the highest degree of accuracy possible.

Hand-Crafted Security – iPrism’s exclusive iGuard URL analysis uses a combination of technology and human URL review for content categorization and malicious URL analysis to stop even the most sophisticated tactics that cybercriminals use to elude conventional security systems.

Constantly Updated – URL ratings are delivered on the fly with the updated databases delivered daily (hourly for security categories) from our data centers located in California and on the East Coast.

Massively Comprehensive with Over 80 Categories –  The cost of maintaining a URL content filtering database is high and requires special skills. The iGuard database has been maintained for 10 years and includes over 80 categories. This comprehensive URL database can be easily integrated into any appliance using the iPrism Web Security OEM SDK.

For review: API reference guide and category list.

To find out more about iGuard, contact our OEM sales team.