Dairy QueenDairy Queen appears to be the latest victim of the unending slew of data breaches in recent news. Rumors of a credit and debit card breach at Dairy Queen first surfaced a couple weeks ago but there was no evidence supporting this claim at the time. The latest report come from a credit union in the Midwestern United States stating that it has detected fraud on cards that have been recently used at a minimum of a half-dozen Dairy Queen locations in and around its home state.

According to the credit union, over 50 customers have been affected, reporting that they are seeing “all kinds of fraud cases coming in from members having counterfeit copies of their cards being used at dollar stores and grocery stores.”

Unfortunately, the scale of this breach is still to be determined. Other financial institutions have reported that clients who have used their cards recently at Dairy Queen locations in Florida, Alabama, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and Texas are also experiencing fraudulent charges to their accounts.

While Dairy Queen’s headquarters have not heard of any reports of card fraud from individual locations, Dean Peters, the director of communications for Dairy Queen, stressed that almost all of the Dairy Queen stores were independently owned and operated. Dairy Queen does not have a requirement that franchisees must notify the company in the event of a security breach or POS systems.

This latest breach comes weeks after the Department of Homeland Security released several warnings concerning the Backoff malware. Dairy Queen’s breach also immediately succeeds the breaches at Supervalu and UPS, also believed to have been victim of the Backoff malware.

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