EdgeWave EPIC’s Cyber Operations Group constantly monitors trends in email campaigns and website ratings.  Informing the community on the latest happening across platforms helps to prevent threats from adversely effecting networks.  Looking closely at our data and intelligence gathered from multiple sources, we find information to improve awareness for system administrators.

  • From our ePrism email security, we spotted a large campaign targeting pump and dump stocks.  Dexter Davies, our senior ePrism analyst noted over 1.5 million emails containing information to a Canadian penny stock.    Additionally, a plethora of email with phrasing along the lines of “I uploaded a secure document for you using google docs” has appeared from AOL mail servers.   Lastly, we blocked over 800,000 emails from the U.K. with Apple .PNG attachments.
  • Recent news reporting warned of spam campaigns using false Dropbox link and stories on Ebola.  While we did notice a few campaigns, most were very small in number.  Hackers will always try to find inventive ways for you click on their links.  Using current events and popular sites is nothing new but administrators should constantly remind people on the latest tactics in the community.
  • This week, EdgeWave’s iPrism system returned over 7800 new websites to be classified for addition into the iGuard data base.  Of these new URLs, the vast majority cover legitimate business sites at 49%.  Objectionable sites only accounted for 4% of new URLs.  Anti-productivity sites accounted for 13% of all new URLs.   The sports category had a slight uptick in hits, most likely due to the Baseball World Series.
  • As a final note, one of the latest trends in identity theft is the targeting of medical records.  Many people wonder what can be done with this type of information.  Forbes recently published an article which can be found here noting the vast opportunities a hacker may have with your information.  Most nefarious in my opinion is the selling of your condition to marketer who would then target an individual with ads for medications.  Your co-workers should be aware of ads that are a little too on the nose for any conditions they may have.  It could be an indicator your information has been compromised.

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