A new report from world-renown Forrester Research, Manage the Risks of Social Media, discusses both the benefits and risks businesses face as they confront the challenges of social media’s explosive growth.  According to the report, businesses can’t ignore social media and more importantly, should not ignore it.  However, as the title suggests, there are risks associated with social media in the workplace and Forrester recommends using technology to mitigate them. The report recognizes iPrism Social Media Security as a solution that can help organizations eliminate the dangers of social media so they can profit from its immense opportunities.

EdgeWave Senior Vice President of Product Strategy, Steve Kelley commented, “We believe that Forrester clearly supports EdgeWave’s decision to invest in taking a leadership role in safe social media. We have introduced a one-of-a-kind solution with completely integrated controls and monitoring within the social media application, making it easy for companies to safely turn on social media and build a competitive advantage in their markets.”

With Facebook tallying one billion accounts, Twitter at 500 million and LinkedIn at 175 million and growing, Forrester reasons businesses really have no choice but to embrace the new platforms.  And the report points out that there is a substantial upside to social media that organizations should not ignore. Some of the benefits cited include:

  • Building brand awareness
  • Connecting organizations with their prospects, customers, partners and vendors
  • Opportunities for lead generation
  • Offering employees access to social media supports retention
  • Social media can help in employee recruitment efforts

The report pulls no punches in discussing the risks inherent in social media including brand damage, data loss, exposure to malware and viruses, and regulatory violations.  For more information: