Know the feeling of seeing red and blue lights in your rear view window? Then you get pulled over and ticket is already written because the speed gun showed you were 10mph + over the limit?

You shake your head and wish you would have looked at the speedometer and set cruise control to 60 as a precaution, because you know you are going to have to pay lots of hard-earned money for something that was easily preventable.

That’s what it feels like to be New York Presbyterian and Columbia University Medical Center, but exponentially so. They were levied with the biggest HIPPA fine ever due to a PHI breach in 2010. The Office of Civil Rights (OCR) fined NYP and CUMC, who share a data network for their electronic health records and a firewall, $4.8 million collectively for failing to adequately protect confidential patient health information.

The breach occurred when a physician tried to disconnect a personal server from the hospital network, thereby exposing PHI records unprotected on the Internet.

The bottom line: your organization is only as strong as your network security is. Employees must be educated about how their behavior can put an entire organization and its patients at risk.

Along with a strong suite of network security solutions from EdgeWave (www.edgewave.com), education of staff and vendors about proper use of peripheral and add-on devices can prevent costly accidents from happening to you.

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