On Thursday, Oct. 11th, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta gave a dire warning that the United States is facing the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor.” He was speaking at a meeting of the Business Executives for National Security (BENS) in New York, where he characterized the Internet as “the battlefield of the future”. He also mentioned his support for cybersecurity legislation, which has yet to pass congress, emphasizing that whether there is legislation or not, the threats we face, in the form of large-scale coordinated attacks, are not ones that government acting alone has the power to stop. His message seemed to be that whether there is legislation or not, businesses and other organizations need to be prepared.

Social Media is Fertile Ground for Cybercriminals

As a group, no one is more aware of these impending dangers than IT professionals, who are tasked with protecting their networks from an onslaught of new and more focused exploits that leverage all the platforms at hand, including social media. In fact, social media has become a particularly fertile ground for cybercriminals, where they freely ply their tactics of bot infections, key logging and other schemes, including exploiting the largest weakness faced by all network security systems – humans.  And whether the human vulnerabilities you face are inadvertent or deliberate, the expected damage is the same.

EdgeWave Social Media Security can Protect Your Organization

These dangers are why EdgeWave introduced our exclusive iPrism Social Media Security.  The EdgeWave solution is the only one that provides granular, policy-driven control of social media interactions occurring on networks.  And EdgeWave’s solution is integrated at the application level, giving organizations the visibility and flexibility needed to stop threats before they become exploits. Our solution includes standard policy templates that can be deployed immediately, or organizations can write their own, unlimited rules to assure accurate enforcement across the enterprise. Additionally, comprehensive reporting is included to helps support today’s and future regulatory compliance requirements.

It’s not a stretch to imagine that harmful, coordinated exploits against financial, healthcare, energy or other industries, could be launched via social media platforms. October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) and it’s a great time to focus on the security issues that impact us all. As Secretary Panetta warned, US businesses must take action now, if they want to be prepared. Only iPrism Social Media Security provides the comprehensive protection that can secure your organization against dangerous social networking exploits. And with its cloud-based technology, our solution is easy to deploy and manage, infinitely scalable, and offers low TCO.  For more information about EdgeWave’s iPrism Social Media Security, click here.