EdgeWave’s Director of Product Management, Steve Brunetto was quoted in a recent article by Hailey McKeefry at Point2Security.com, “5 Hot Security Trends Overheard at RSA 2013”. The theme of this year’s RSA conference, which was held in San Francisco from Feb 25th to March 1st, was “Security in Knowledge, Master data. Securing the world.” Security threats and their impact on businesses were certainly on the minds of the conference attendees interviewed for the article.

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According to the article, managing social media is among the hot topics that were discussed and Steve commented on how social media engagement has become a critical business activity for organizations in every market sector.  He said, “The tide has turned and organizations see a competitive advantage in using social media to create a presence for their organization.” He also spoke about the importance of managing and safeguarding social media so that organizations can use it without the risks, explaining that “social media needs to also become a strategic activity, with organizations understanding the potential threat and liability of these important information channels.”

Other security threats discussed in the article include:

  • The need for security basics as people become more aware of how much of their private data is widely available
  • The new threats from malware being built into image files and sent to smart phones
  • The increasing adoption of cloud services by SMBs, without understanding the risks
  • The fact that Phishing attacks, which constitute the majority of exploits, continue to get more sophisticated and ruthless

The RSA Conference is held each year in San Francisco and draws thousands of security experts from all over the world. They also hold yearly conferences in Europe and Asia.

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