Aug 16, 2011

In response to mounting industry concerns over the increase in email-borne threats, and more stringent data protection requirements, EdgeWave Inc., (OTCBB/OTCQB: EWVE), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced a new suite of fully-hosted services designed to provide unified policy management and multi-layered protection from threats to security, compliance, retention and the timely delivery of legitimate, business-critical email. An expansion of the EdgeWave Email Security Platform (formerly Red Condor), the Messaging Security Suite combines award-winning email security and archiving with proprietary email continuity, data loss protection and email encryption services, using an integrated management, provisioning and reporting platform.

“When we acquired Red Condor last year it was clear there was enormous potential for a compelling and differentiated service offering in the cloud,” said Lou Ryan, President and CEO of EdgeWave. “We identified a clear market need for scalable, value-based secure messaging services, and Red Condor’s unique technology platform provided the perfect foundation for us to leverage their existing email security capabilities to drive continued innovation and meet the challenges of a changing threat environment. The evolution of Red Condor into the new EdgeWave Messaging Security Suite validates our ability to execute on our business strategy, and our emphasis on secure messaging will be the catalyst for future company growth.”

The EdgeWave Messaging Security Suite includes the following best-of-breed solutions and features for ensuring complete email security, data loss protection and high availability:

  • Unified Management Console: Easy-to-use interface provides a convenient, central point of control for management, reporting and provisioning. Enables rapid deployment and enforcement of email policies.
  • Inbound and outbound spam filtering: Award-winning, enterprise-class email security and email management services featuring patented, proprietary technologies that protect mission-critical email from spam, phishing, malware, unpredictable email volumes and other outside threats.
  • Data Loss Protection: A unique content analysis and policy engine that uses
  • proprietary technology to analyze, detect and prevent private or confidential data from leaving the network, supporting compliance with government regulations, such as HIPAA and GLBA.
  • Email Continuity: As part of EdgeWave’s Email Security solution, this proprietary service enables continuous web-based email access, management, and use during planned or unplanned mail server outages, mitigating disruption to the flow of critical, legitimate business communications.
  • Email Encryption: Available soon in beta, the EdgeWave Email Encryption service provides confirmation of message delivery and comprehensive reporting with message
  • tracking and an audit trail to support regulatory and other requirements.
  • Email Archive: A highly scalable SaaS solution that reduces discovery risks, preserves email, and automatically enforces email retention policies, to help enterprises meet requirements for regulatory compliance, litigation issues, storage management needs, or fulfill business best practices guidelines.

“Mid-sized and smaller businesses, as well as their enterprise counterparts, face threats from inbound and outbound email, as well as the Web, and they have a critical need to maintain the continuity of email communications,” said Michael Osterman, principal of Osterman Research. “Moreover, these organizations have a growing number of obligations to archive, encrypt and otherwise protect content and communication channels. EdgeWave’s expansion of its offerings is truly making the company a one-stop shop that can address just about every need that organizations have.”

“In today’s business environment, email is a mission-critical application. Concerns over regulatory, legal and financial exposure have prompted businesses to introduce rigorous security measures and compliance requirements, creating the need for reliable and efficient email policy management, said Ron Kaplan, Director of Product Management at EdgeWave. “Many DLP, email encryption and compliance solutions can be expensive to deploy and maintain, and create a complex email environment. This latest innovation in our suite of security products is a direct response to these concerns. By delivering a multi-layered solution that offers preventive and reactive threat defense, with granular policy enforcement across an integrated platform, the EdgeWave Messaging Security Suite simplifies email and data security management and ensures reliability and uptime in a cost-effective, cloud-based deployment.”

The EdgeWave Messaging Security Suite is available now. Some services are available via onpremises appliances. Pricing provided upon request.

About EdgeWave, Inc.
EdgeWave Delivers the World's Safest Inboxes™ by eliminating email-borne security risks from targeted, socially engineered attacks. Our multi-layered Email Security Platform provides unparalleled predelivery protection, postdelivery detection and incident response to secure inboxes from today's proliferating messaging threats like ransomware, spear phishing, business email compromise and more. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, EdgeWave has more than 2,500 customers and over 3.5 million protected users worldwide.

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Amy Dardinger