EdgeWave®, a San Diego-based cyber security firm, announced today the appointment of David Bell to the position of Technical Director, Security Operations and Analysis.  Mr. Bell holds nearly two decades of experience with the United States Navy leading Offensive and Defensive Cyber Capabilities, including nine years of Red Team leadership, improving the effectiveness of US Navy cyber tactics and personnel.

Mr. Bell most recently served as Deputy Director, U.S. Navy Red Team for the Navy Information Operations Command in Norfolk, VA.  Managing more than 60 active duty military personnel and civilian staff, Mr. Bell led the Red Team in emulating hostile cyber adversaries to challenge Navy and Department of Defense assets and facilities in order to improve security effectiveness. This role required partnering with various other agencies including the NSA, US Cyber Command, OSD, and Sandia National Labs.   Mr. Bell’s previous positions include Operations Chief, U.S. Navy Red Team, contract support to U.S. Joint Forces Command through Prosoft Engineering, Inc., and nine years of active duty in the U.S. Navy as a Cryptologic Technician.  Mr. Bell has been recognized with a Department of the Navy Meritorious Civilian Service Medal and multiple Letters of Commendation and Recognition from Flag/General Officers.

“We’re thrilled to bring David on board and look forward to leveraging his extensive offensive and defensive cyber experience,” said Mike Walls, Managing Director, Security Operations & Analysis, EdgeWave.  “His unparalleled insight into the latest security threats and creative mitigation strategies will enable EdgeWave security analytic capabilities to continue to stay one step ahead of even the most advanced threats.” Prior to joining EdgeWave, Mr.  Walls (CAPT, U.S. Navy ret.) was responsible for U.S. Navy cyber readiness, ensuring the security of over 300 ships, 4,000 aircraft and 400,000 servicemen – the world’s largest intranet.

EdgeWave provides Military-Grade data protection through processes that have been battle-proven to defend complex networks against sophisticated cyber attacks. Called EdgeWave EPIC™ (Enhanced Precision Integrated Cyber Capabilities™), this unique cyber defense capability combines experienced U.S. Military cyber security veterans with advanced technology to precisely identify attacks, help eliminate threats and help stop data breaches.  EdgeWave EPIC is deployed through ePrism® Email Security™, iPrism® Web Gateway™, EPIC Next Generation Firewall™ and new EPIC Security Assurance Service™ to provide adaptive, layered defense against advanced cyber threats.

“I joined EdgeWave because it provides the best opportunity to continue in my personal mission to protect Americans from cyber threats,” said Mr. Bell.   “It took the US Navy decades to reach the level of cyber competency it currently has, and by embracing proven military cyber veterans and processes EdgeWave is able to offer this level of security to the private sector right now for immediate deployment.”


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