Jan 8, 2013

EdgeWave Inc. today announced the launch of EdgeWave Social, an industry leading cloudbased solution available for any and all enterprises or organization to manage policy, filter threats, and secure proprietary information on social media,while at the same time enabling full and transparent use of social media and all of its communications and
collaboration benefits.

Social media is a top concern for companies, posing risks to security, productivity and corporate reputation. As a result, many companies are reluctant to allow social media in the workplace. But blocking isn’t an effective alternative, as motivated employeescan easily circumvent by using their mobile devices or other options. And the risks are still there, keeping many security and risk managers up at night. Simply put, if a company has employees they have a social media issue today.

That has changed now with the launch of EdgeWave Social. Today every company can safely allow social media in the workplace, fully leveraging the benefits of increased customer engagement, partner collaboration, and employee morale. As a cloudbased solution, Edgewave Social can get up and running immediately, with no need to disconnect existing filtering, firewall, or other security infrastructure. Seamlessly integrating with an organization’s current Internet security technology, EdgeWave Social makes it easy to set policies and controls to protect employees and companies, including automated alerts and granular reporting on security issues. Monitoring and controls occur in the cloud, providing flexible and responsive coverage on the organization’s network and across mobile devices.

“EdgeWave Social can benefit literally every company in America,” said Steve Brunetto, Director of Product Management at EdgeWave. “As the most used web application in the world, social media is effectively present in the workplace whether a company officially welcomes it or not. With EdgeWave Social, there is a simple solution that makes it easy for companies to safely manage social media and further empower employees.”

Additional features and benefits of EdgeWave Social include:

  • Enforce and monitor rules‐based policies for social networking interactions with granular feature‐level control beyond standard website blocking.
  • Prevent publishing of language inconsistent with corporate policy, such as profanity, in real‐time.
  • Identify and control individual social accounts by enforcing account level policies around user and admin access.
  • Archive social media activity to reduce risk and meet regulatory obligations.

About EdgeWave, Inc.
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