Jul 9, 2013

Following a successful Beta launch, EdgeWave Inc. today announced general availability of the EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG), the industry’s first multi-gigabit, next-generation secure Web gateway that provides comprehensive Enterprise-grade protection across all Internet access points. Unlike current web security products, the new EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) provides anytime, anywhere and any device Internet security by combining web filtering, laptop security, mobile device security and social media security all on one appliance, producing unmatched, industry-leading economics for enterprise level protection.

The next-generation EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) gives enterprises the tools they need to apply security in dynamic cloud and mobile environments. The high-performance solution allows granular policy enforcement on business use, personal use and protection from outside threats as well as risky employee behavior.

The Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) was designed from the ground up to address the growth of media-rich, high-bandwidth social web content, providing comprehensive protection with no discernible latency or switching complexity, and does not require any off-box software or additional servers on your network.

“Security technology has not been able to keep pace with the use of self-provisioned applications and social media for business use,” said Scott Steele, Senior Vice President – Engineering & IT at EdgeWave. “We built the EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway to fix that situation. For the first time, companies will now have the tools they need to allow their employees to make use of the latest web technology while protecting themselves from the dangers that come with it.
Equally important, the Advanced Web Gateway’s next generation technology enables all of these capabilities at a lower cost than current security solutions. These combined benefits make all other existing web security solutions obsolete – if you’re using web filtering now, it’s time to replace it.”

Key features:

  • Speed and Capacity – EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) offers filtering for gigabit networks; enough to handle large enterprise bandwidth requirements with easy expansion to accommodate future growth.
  • SSL Inspection – EdgeWave iPrism Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) inspects all HTTPS traffic to detect problems normally hidden by SSL such as viruses, malware, data loss, intrusion attempts and AUP violations.
  • Because iPrism has full visibility on every HTTPS URL, accurate policy enforcement is ensured.
  • Anti-Virus – EdgeWave iPrism Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) integrates AV on-box, for an added layer of real-time protection from viruses and malware. This technology provides the highest detection rate in the industry for known malware and zero-day responses to emerging threats.
  • Off-Network Security – EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) provides security across all fronts by enabling web filtering, social media security and device management across all iOS, Mac, Windows and Android platforms.
  • Comprehensive On-Box Reporting – Unlike previous enterprise web security solutions that require additional hardware and/or software to generate reports, EdgeWave Advanced Web Gateway (AWG) has complete on-box reporting that includes long-term data log retention, email alerts, real-time monitoring and drill-down views for maximum efficiency.
  • Social Networking Management – Enforce social media policies with granular monitoring and control of usage to protect from brand reputation damage, productivity loss, legal liability, loss of sensitive data, and the latest threats.

About EdgeWave, Inc.
EdgeWave Delivers the World's Safest Inboxes™ by eliminating email-borne security risks from targeted, socially engineered attacks. Our multi-layered Email Security Platform provides unparalleled predelivery protection, postdelivery detection and incident response to secure inboxes from today's proliferating messaging threats like ransomware, spear phishing, business email compromise and more. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, EdgeWave has more than 2,500 customers and over 3.5 million protected users worldwide.

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Amy Dardinger