Feb 17, 2011

St. Bernard Software, Inc., DBA EdgeWave, (OTCBB: SBSW), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced the launch of its new eReputation Services to the Internet service provider market, which enables them to offer their subscribers a single comprehensive solution for safeguarding online reputation by proactively scanning externally facing websites for both malware and vulnerabilities.

For many businesses, the corporate website is a primary asset and significant investments are made to support and build a trustworthy web presence that drives traffic to the site. Current statistics show that 55% of all organizations will have their websites infected with malware over the next 12 months. With Google™ blacklisting 6,600 sites every day due to damaging malware or other infections, service providers can’t afford to risk the credibility of their subscribers’ online presence.

“EdgeWave’s latest technology empowers our ISP and MSP customers with the security solutions they need to protect their customers’ businesses from zeroday, Web-borne malware,” said Ron Kaplan, Director of Product Management at EdgeWave. “As businesses continue to face attacks from a variety of sophisticated and dynamic sources, our eReputation Services deliver advanced protection against every stage of an attack, and offer best-in-class threat detection and real-time responsiveness to help identify and remediate potential sabotage before permanent damage can take place.”

As a complementary offering to the company’s portfolio of Secure Content Management solutions, EdgeWave eReputation Services offers escalating levels of support that build from Trust Monitoring to Health Monitoring to more advanced Risk Assessment. EdgeWave eReputation Services provide the tools that can:

  • Provide alerts when a site is blacklisted – scans daily for changes to trustworthiness tracked by major search engine, malware, phishing and SPAM 3rd-party blacklists and Web of Trust categories, as well as proprietary reputation and SSL scanning, and sends alerts when a site becomes blacklisted to quickly resolve the website’s reputation
  • Perform daily health monitoring – scans daily for malicious code found in unsafe scripts, downloads and redirections, and send alerts with their exact location, allowing subscribers to address any problem immediately and safeguard their site’s reputation
  • Proactive vulnerability testing – uses sophisticated automated processes to discover 35,000+ possible vulnerabilities found on servers, websites and infrastructures, and provides actionable recommendations for resolution
  • Provide trustmark credibility – subscriber protected websites will display a trustmark, which offers the security and credibility visitors look for when navigating a site. Trustmarks have been proven to increase visitors’ length of stay on a site, thus increasing the potential for influencing them
  • Reduce operational costs – daily monitoring and notification of website reputation threats allows IT staffs to focus on other critical projects

“We’re excited to help support the service provider market with our new eReputation technology,” said Brian Nugent, Chief Operating Officer at EdgeWave. “The capability to protect online reputation and website health extends greater value across our existing web, email, and data security offerings, and not only reinforces our commitment to delivering a comprehensive portfolio of Secure Content Management solutions, but also provides ISPs/MSPs with the opportunity to enhance customer loyalty while adding to their revenue streams.”

ISPs/MSPs can offer EdgeWave eReputation Services to their clients as an integrated enhancement to their current hosting services, or they may market it as an added service, providing an incremental source of revenue. Both implementations are supported by an EdgeWave Portal for ISPs/MSPs where they can manage these services on their clients’ behalves, and an API enabling ISPs/MSPs to integrate the provisioning, email notifications and reporting for eReputation Services into their own existing client portal.

The EdgeWave Portal and API for eReputation Services will be available in Q1 2011.

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Amy Dardinger