EdgeWave Products Recognized for Anti-Phishing, Messaging Security and Content Management and Filtering

CDM Infosec Awards 2018San Diego, CA – EdgeWave®, Inc., a leading provider in cybersecurity and compliance, today announced that the company has been recognized in three categories by the 2018 InfoSec Awards, hosted by Cyber Defense Magazine. The awards recognize EdgeWave’s innovative product line that helps companies better secure their information.

“Cybercrime, Hactivism, Cyberespionage, Ransomware and Malware exploits are all on the rise, EdgeWave has been recognized as the leader in Anti-Phishing, Messaging Security, and Content Management and Filtering from our magazine. They won after we reviewed nearly 3,000 infosec companies, globally, because they are an innovator on a mission to help stop breaches and get one step ahead of the next threat, proactively,” said Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher, Cyber Defense Magazine.

“The last few months have shown that hackers are not slowing down, with major breaches at Panera Bread, MyFitnessPal, and the City of Atlanta,” Choo Kim-Isgitt, Chief Product Officer at EdgeWave said. “Companies need more tools that give them better insight into their weaknesses. Our team is excited about these awards and will continue to develop market-leading solutions.”

EdgeWave received recognition as the Leader in Anti-Phishing for their ThreatTest product, an anti-phishing solution that automates email threat resolution in the user’s inbox. It allows employees to flag suspicious emails and automatically route those emails through machine learning and expert human analysis in just minutes, eliminating any action needed from IT.

EdgeWave has also been named a Hot Company in Messaging Security for their ePrism product, an email security solution that provides a multi-layered approach to identify and stop spam, phishing, and advanced persistent threats.

Lastly, EdgeWave has been recognized as a Hot Company in Content Management and Filtering for their iPrism product, a secure web gateway solution that provides fine-grained content filtering combined with threat detection and mitigation methods to assure powerful protection from Advanced Persistent Threats, including botnets, malware, viruses and others. iPrism Cloud can also be deployed as a cloud solution.

EdgeWave received these awards at RSA 2018 this week. The EdgeWave team is available for meetings at RSA, or you can contact them to request a demo.

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About EdgeWave, Inc.
EdgeWave is focused on eliminating email-borne security risks from targeted, socially engineered attacks. Our multi-layered Email Security Platform provides unparalleled predelivery protection, postdelivery detection and incident response to secure inboxes from today’s proliferating messaging threats like ransomware, spear phishing, business email compromise and more. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, EdgeWave has more than 2,500 customers and over 3.5 million protected users worldwide.

For more information, please visit EdgeWave online at https://www.edgewave.com or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.

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