Mar 19, 2013

With the continued growth of corporate-owned and managed mobile devices in the workplace and one-to-one computing initiatives in K-12 education, EdgeWave, Inc. today announced the availability of the EdgeWave Secure Browser for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones.

The EdgeWave Secure Browser allows organizations that provide managed mobile devices to secure end users’ Internet and social media use, while enforcing acceptable use policies (AUP), regulatory requirements and security policies. Schools that provide tablets to K-12 students can now protect their students from unsafe and inappropriate web-based content, and helping that CIPA (Child Internet Protection Act) compliance is always enforced.

“With the explosion of mobile devices at work and in schools, the risks of malware attacks, viewing of inappropriate content, proprietary data loss and other threats continue to increase exponentially,” said Steve Brunetto, Director of Product Management, EdgeWave. “The EdgeWave Secure Browser mitigates these risks to users and organizations by making sure that when smartphones and tablets access the network, this Internet connection is managed and protected.”

The EdgeWave Secure browser is part of the EdgeWave Mobile Security product line, which seamlessly integrates with EdgeWave’s iPrism Web Security and cloud-based EdgeWave Social technology to provide exceptional security policy enforcement from a centralized management user interface. The EdgeWave Secure Browser is easy to implement across an organization, with the end-user app a free download from iTunes and Google Play.

In addition to the Secure Browser, EdgeWave Mobile also offers a fully featured Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution. These products are designed to provide organizations with the most flexible options for deploying web and social media security across mobile platforms including
iPad, Android phones, Android tablets – including Amazon Kindle Fire, Google Nexus, and Samsung Galaxy devices – as well as Mac and Windows computers.

The EdgeWave Secure Browser features:

  • Ease-of-deployment: Replaces the default browser on iOS, Android and Kindle devices – no other client software is necessary. A solution tailor-made for 1-to-1 tablet deployments.
  • Cloud-based: Uses cloud technology that delivers protection whether users are on the company network, public Wi-Fi or their devices’ cellular connection.

About EdgeWave, Inc.
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