Aug 22, 2011

EdgeWave Inc., (OTCBB/OTCQB: EWVE), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced that Krueger Wholesale Florist, Inc. has deployed its iPrism Web Security solution to four separate locations with hundreds of employees. Krueger Wholesale chose iPrism for its ability to seamlessly manage Web use for both onpremises and remote users, while preventing botnets, malware, and other Internet-based threats from infecting corporate computers.

Located in Rothschild, WI, Krueger Wholesale Florist is a leading distributor of fresh cut flowers, green plants and supplies to customers across a nine state area. Before implementing iPrism, the company had been operating without a Web security solution in place, mainly relying on a Windows firewall and local antivirus software to protect their network. Also, since employee Internet usage was virtually unrestricted, bandwidth was being exploited and network security was jeopardized. In addition to increased system infections by Web-related threats, such as malware and spyware, bandwidth had become scarce due to employees downloading streaming media and other multi-media applications. Krueger also faced the additional challenge of effectively managing employee Web use for both on-site and remote work stations, as well as via mobile and roaming devices.

John Troemel, IT Manager at Krueger Wholesale, was intrigued by iPrism’s botnet protection leveraging expert ThreatSTOP technology. Given the noticeable rise of criminal malware and a challenges associated with a dynamically changing threat landscape, Troemel was intent on implementing a solution that would deliver proactive defense against these exploits. By simply checking the botnet category in the iPrism URL database, Troemel was immediately alerted to potential security risks he didn’t know existed. “Enabling the botnet defense showed me that there were some desktops trying to connect with Skype that should not be,” said Troemel. “This could have resulted in a potential security issue, but because of iPrism, I was able to fix that problem. I keep a really clean network, and iPrism really helps things stay even more secure.”

iPrism’s unique hybrid remote filtering was another feature that was important to Troemel. iPrism Remote Filter employs proprietary technology that allows companies to filter all their remote users without using a VPN or DMZ server, or requiring any PAC file implementations. Troemel also liked the fact that iPrism’s cloud-based technology did not cause browser latency and allowed him to
seamlessly filter all of his users no matter the location, ensuring the enforcement of company acceptable use and security policies. He explained, “We have employees in three remote locations that I can now filter just as if they were on the network, with no loss in bandwidth.”

iPrism also solved the bandwidth degradation Krueger Wholesale was experiencing. Upon implementation, Troemel quickly noticed that the company’s high bandwidth consumption was primarily due to infected computers on the network. “Since iPrism was able to prevent machines from misusing the Internet, we were able to quickly isolate several PCs that were using a lot of bandwidth due to malware and spyware and get them cleaned up,” said Troemel. In addition, the ability to control Web access meant that employees were no longer able to visit bandwidth-intensive sites and download large files and applications. Troemel reports, “We have a 35 Mbps pipe and we were using as much as 89% of it before iPrism. Since deploying iPrism, daily usage ranges between 10-30%. This has really improved network speed and availability, which has made employees happier.”

“In addition to helping secure our network against threats, deploying iPrism has had a very positive effect on Krueger Wholesale’s bottom line,” said Troemel. “iPrism’s easy management features and its near zero-maintenance requirement not only helped the company conserve network resources but also saved me countless hours that I can now dedicate for other business-critical tasks. Once deployed, iPrism required no further interaction. For a one-man IT department like ours, time is BIG money.”

“Customers like Krueger Wholesale are facing some new and unique security challenges,” said Ron Kaplan, Director of Product Management. “Not only are comprehensive security strategies needed to protect against criminal malware and other evolving threats, but the rise of the mobile workforce has added additional complexity. EdgeWave is committed to providing companies with dynamic security for today’s global network as well as intelligent solutions that deliver multi-layer defense against emerging security threats.”

iPrism protects organizations from security, regulatory, productivity and network performance risks. Delivering enterprise-level features with the simplicity valued by small to mid-size organizations, iPrism delivers multilayered protection from threats such as malware, botnets, viruses, spyware, circumvention tools, anonymous browsing, IM, P2P, and inappropriate content.

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