Jul 25, 2011

EdgeWave Inc., (OTCBB/OTCQB: EWVE), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced that Shepherd Electric Supply, the oldest independent wholesale electrical distributor in the Baltimore/Washington area, has switched to EdgeWave’s iPrism Web Security to monitor and enforce employee web use across three separate branches. Shepherd abandoned their Websense Web Filtering solution for iPrism, in favor of its superior functionality, deployment options, and overall value.

Prior to replacing Websense, Shepherd struggled to effectively manage web access for all three of its locations while ensuring enough bandwidth was available to run the company’s proprietary distribution software. As a result, Shepherd faced repeated bouts of network latency which severely impeded mission-critical business processes and restricted overall efficiency. Dawn Pumphrey, Systems Administrator at Shepherd Electric Supply, explained, “The Websense solution was using so much bandwidth to operate, it was slowing down the network. Repeatedly, the Websense solution crashed and completely quit working, and then it would upgrade and crash during the upgrade. Each time, I would be forced to rebuild the database from the ground up, a remedy that took me an entire day to accomplish.”

Shepherd was attracted to iPrism’s flexible deployment options, which enabled administrators to configure multiple iPrism appliances into a master/slave format. This particular deployment allowed traffic to be monitored at all three locations by separate appliances while still allowing for centralized management. This immediately relieved Shepherd of the bandwidth problems they encountered with Websense. In addition, Shepherd recognized another advantage in deploying iPrism. “iPrism was a piece of cake to set up and took half the time I spent on the Websense deployment,” said Pumphrey. “In fact, it took us less time to set up and configure all three iPrism appliances in separate locations than it took to set up Websense in one location.”

iPrism’s ability to authenticate via Active Directory with transparent methodology also impressed Shepherd administrators. With the iPrism appliance, Shepherd could easily set policies for different groups, even in different locations, and enforce those policies accurately company-wide.

“We struggled with Websense, essentially dedicating over four hours a week just to manage and maintain the software, not to mention the additional costs associated with its standard reporting features. We needed to implement a reliable, cost-effective Web filter that could give us a greater ROI,” said Pumphrey. “With iPrism Web Security, we’ve put in a smaller investment for greater results. iPrism requires no management at all for weeks at a time, and since it’s a self-contained solution, everything we needed was included in the purchase price. EdgeWave’s quick and helpful customer support was also a welcome change.”

“We take pride in delivering customers with the best Web filtering technology in the industry,” said Ron Kaplan, Director of Product Management at EdgeWave. “EdgeWave understands how to deliver web security without sacrificing performance or adding additional cost or complexity. With iPrism, companies like Shepherd can utilize the Web safely, improve efficiency, gain flexibility to manage granular policies, and ultimately demonstrate a measurable return on investment in a short amount of time.”

iPrism protects organizations from security, regulatory, productivity and network performance risks that can result from inappropriate use of Web, IM and P2P. Delivering enterprise-level features with the simplicity valued by small to mid-size organizations, iPrism delivers multilayered protection from threats such as malware, botnets, viruses, spyware, circumvention tools, anonymous browsing, IM, P2P, and inappropriate content.

Click here to read the full case study: https://www.edgewave.com/ShepherdElectric

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Amy Dardinger