Jul 6, 2011

EdgeWave Inc., (OTCBB/OTCQB: EWVE), a leader in Secure Content Management (SCM) solutions, today announced that Walnut Communications, a leading network and telecommunications provider, has selected EdgeWave’s Email Security to protect customers from spam, phishing and viruses. By using EdgeWave Email Security, Walnut Communications will now provide its hosted email customers with one of the industry’s most scalable, reliable and accurate messaging security solutions.

Based in Walnut, Iowa, Walnut Communications proudly serves thousands of residents and businesses with a variety of telecommunications services. Their previous email security provider had become unreliable, no longer sending quarantine reports and losing legitimate emails in their filter. In addition to being time and resource intensive for the staff at Walnut Communications, this created potential risk to their customers.

In addition, Walnut Communications’ email server was handling all of the filtering and quarantine on one server. The excessive workload had overwhelmed the server to the point where it was barely functioning, which impacted performance and overall quality of service to Walnut Communications’ customers. In an ongoing effort to provide customers with the optimum email experience, Walnut Communications sought a more reliable email security solution that could provide best-in-class technology, demonstrate measureable value, and increase performance by taking the load off of its email server. After evaluating the leading vendors, Walnut Communications selected EdgeWave Email Security to provide effective and efficient protection for their users.

“The EdgeWave Email Security solution works wonderfully, and because of it our email server can work as it is meant to,” said Terry McCarthy, Electronics Tech at Walnut Communications. “Before EdgeWave Email Security, our server was being slammed by spam and could not keep up with filtering the deluge. Now the EdgeWave solution is quarantining the messages before they get to the server. That fact alone saved us from purchasing a new server. I was very surprised at how easy the service was to setup also. The entire process from power up of the appliance to finishing the rerouting of the email only took a few hours, and that included branding everything with our company logo. I especially love the fact that it is very “hands off” for me. Since the initial turn up I have made no changes to it at all. Most importantly, EdgeWave helped us deliver our customers quality services at an affordable price. You can’t beat that.”

Walnut Communications was attracted to EdgeWave’s superior threat detection technology and proven leadership in the anti-spam market. After an impressive evaluation experience, and detailed cost comparison against other leading vendors, Walnut Communications concluded that EdgeWave not only met their technology requirements, but was able to do so at one-fourth of the cost of other comparable solutions. As a small company with limited resources, the simplicity and efficiency of EdgeWave Email Security allowed the IT staff to regain approximately 12 hours of time per week.

Since implementing EdgeWave Email Security, Walnut Communications is now able to deliver email messages faster, while reducing the amount of spam, phishing and potential security risks to user inboxes. By deploying EdgeWave Email Security, Walnut Communications was able to take a huge load off its mail server and will not need to replace it for years to come. This saves the hosting provider additional expense, allows room for future growth, and frees up administrative resources which lowers operational costs.

“Our customers trust us to provide the email functionality and capabilities that help drive their businesses, so any kind of email delay or potential security risk is not an option,” said Kip Quackenbush, VP Service Provider Sales at EdgeWave. “EdgeWave differentiates itself through award-winning messaging security solutions that prove to be the most accurate, efficient, and reliable in the industry. Because we are highly focused on the Internet Service Provider market, EdgeWave’s solutions have enabled Walnut Communications, and hundreds of other ISPs to increase customer satisfaction by reducing spam and delivering email faster, while lowering operational expenses. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

EdgeWave Email Security is backed by industry-leading messaging security and technology. Offering Zero Minute Defense advanced content filtering and proven messaging policies, EdgeWave Email Security rapidly detects and eliminates messaging attacks and threats before they reach the customer’s mailbox. As a hosted solution, EdgeWave delivers infinite scalability and ease-of-use for any size organization from small and medium size businesses to large distributed enterprises.

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Amy Dardinger