EdgeWave®, announced today that Mike Walls, EdgeWave Managing Director, Security Operations & Analysis, spoke to attendees of Competitive Carriers Association’s (CCA) 2015 Global Expo about the urgency for wireless providers to address cyber security, and how to take a military-grade approach for effective protection.

“Hackers are winning the cyber war and traditional security methods are failing,” said Mr. Walls.  “What’s required is a military warfighting process. We need to monitor, we need to assess, and we need to act on threat information as soon as possible.”

Prior to joining EdgeWave, Mr. Walls (US Navy CAPT, ret.) was responsible for US Navy cyber readiness, ensuring the security of over 300 ships, 4,000 aircraft and 400,000 servicemen – the world’s largest intranet.  At EdgeWave, Mr. Walls leads EdgeWave’s Enhanced Precision Integrated Cyber Capabilities™ (EPIC™), a unique cyber defense capability that fuses artificial intelligence, threat intelligence, and expert human analysis to precisely identify sophisticated attacks and integrate real-time defenses.

“The fusion of artificial intelligence and human  intelligence is absolutely critical,” continued Mr. Walls. “If you haven’t combined the appropriate technology with experienced cyber-defense personnel in a 24×7 operational environment,  you are going to miss something.  Whether through your own staff or working with outside organizations like EdgeWave, it’s critical to use battle-proven military grade technology and cyber warriors who can quickly identify threats and minimize the time between compromise and detection in order to mitigate the impact hacker activity on the network as swiftly as possible.”

CCA’s 2015 Global Expo, held March 24-27 in Atlanta, brought together decision-makers from CCA’s over 100 wireless carrier members and featured wireless industry thought leaders, dozens of CEOs, policy experts, and business innovators.  Discussions included a wide range of topics and issues that affect business, revenue, marketing opportunities and policy issues facing wireless carriers.

“It is absolutely important for wireless carriers to have access to as much information as possible on how to prevent cyber-attacks, which is unfortunately becoming more and more of a problem for every enterprise,” said Steven K. Berry, president and CEO of CCA.  “I thank Mr. Walls for sharing his thoughts, experience and solutions on how our members can implement a battle-proven cyber security program to prevent their critical customer data from getting into the hands of cyber criminals.”

Organizations can deploy EdgeWave EPIC cyber security through ePrism Email Security™, iPrism Web Gateway™, and the new EPIC Next Generation Firewall™, all of which combine to provide layered defense against attacks and data exfiltration.

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CCA is the nation’s leading association for competitive wireless providers and stakeholders across the United States. The licensed service area of CCA’s more than 100 members covers 95 percent of the nation. Visit www.competitivecarriers.org


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