We are continually impressed with the human review process and our team of EdgeWave EPIC analysts. Our top EdgeWave ePrism Email Security rule this week swept up 1.25 Million emails with a great variety of senders, content and links. Even when switching between senders, hundreds of sender email addresses, subjects and content, we stopped an unbelievable campaign. Great job to the team.

Our second largest spam campaign focused on Ugg Boots. We stopped over 850,000 emails, and want consumers to know that the company does not give these kinds of discounts.

Lastly, again stopping over 850k emails, our customers will have to miss out on that “new pic”from the unknown woman. Nothing good will come from clicking that link.

From our EdgeWave iPrism Web Security side, we noticed several unrated sites for veterans and Veterans Day. As a veteran myself, I will make it a priority to get these sites rated!

Cyber crooks never miss an opportunity to send malicious email, and many will tug on our emotions surrounding calendar events and popular products and services —banking on just one click to hit the jackpot. We expect volumes to increase during the holidays and will report on topical campaigns as we detect them.

EdgeWave EPIC is a Military-Grade approach to cyber security that combines expert analyst review, advanced technology and a rigorous cyber operations approach to deliver real-time, active defense against cyber threats. Learn more or watch a short video.