Of the new iPrism Web Security rated websites, this week we noticed two new trends that may be related to the changing seasons.  Almost 5% of all new rating linked to automotive websites.  With the advent of winter, many users may be trying to get a jump on snow tires.  Additionally, since its fall, we notice an increase in hunting and archery sites.  Deer season must be in full swing.

From the ePrism Email Security side, we saw over 8 million hits on two campaigns that tried to use either an email link or attachment for penetration.  An additional 4 million hit came from emails with “hello” type headers.  Most interesting, I’ve seen over 70,000 hits for “Dropbox” links.  Last week,  there were reports of Dropbox being hacked.  These emails seek to exploit this story.

Earlier this week, US-Cert released a warning on the Dyre banking malware.  Spam and Phishing attacks are most commonly used in order to steal user names, passwords, client certificates and browser cookies.  With this type of information, a hacker can take complete control of an account.  Dyre is typically loaded in a PDF file that loads the malware on a system.  A search of the ePrism data base shows no hits for the most common subject line.  ePrism personnel are aware of this threat an continue to vigilantly monitor for it.

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