Email Incident Response for all.

Introducing the world’s first Email Incident Response solution with Global Remediation that automatically removes any malicious threat from all user inboxes.

Stop targeted phishing in its tracks,
then automatically delete every instance of the attack.

Average Cybersecurity Threat Dwell Time

As part of our commitment to Delivering the World’s Safest Inboxes™ we have engineered our Postdelivery Detection solution to be able to automatically quarantine, analyze and remove malicious messages from user inboxes. Now, our customers can add the capability of automatically removing any malicious threat from all user inboxes across the organization at once.

The faster you can eliminate threats, the lower the cost.

Dwell time for malicious email attacks and phishing threats is a big problem for overall email security. If one user submits a suspicious email and it’s removed, it may also be in other users’ inboxes and not yet discovered. Each instance of the threat increases odds that it will be clicked on or responded to over time. EdgeWave Incident Response eliminates that dwell time risk and protects your organization no matter how many instances of the targeted attack.

Keep every user safe from targeted phishing

Email Incident Response with Global Remediation, combined with our Predelivery Protection and Postdelivery Detection solutions, provides an automated email security platform that removes all instances of a discovered attack immediately and dramatically reduces threat dwell time.