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EdgeWave Email Security Platform

Eliminates email-borne security risks in the face of targeted, socially engineered attacks.

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Traditional email security doesn’t work on its own, and here’s why.

Today’s increasingly sophisticated attacks are challenging the norm. And there is no better example of this today than email security. As tactics evolve, malicious content more and more finds its way into the inbox. Even the most feature-rich email security gateway can’t guarantee 100% detection of all threats.

And what happens once malicious, email-borne content is detected? Ideally this has occurred before the malicious content has been activated, but how are security professionals to know which other users also received the email in question, and remove all instances of the threat before it causes any problems?

EdgeWave’s comprehensive Defense-in-Depth protection.

The EdgeWave Email Security Platform provides next-generation Predelivery Protection, Postdelivery Detection and Email Incident Response. By covering all three elements, EdgeWave follows the defense-in-depth approach, applies it to email security and protects your organization from the latest email threats.

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Predelivery Protection

EdgeWave provides unrivaled email defense against internal and external threats such as spam, viruses, spyware, phishing schemes, identity theft, and other dangerous or offensive content. Our services include industry leading inbound/outbound spam and antivirus filtering, category-based policy and automated seamless directory integration in a hosted SaaS solution that can be provisioned immediately, without having to install any hardware or software.

  • ePrism™ Email Security Gateway
  • AV and malware scanning
  • Mail reputation and custom filtering rule sets

Postdelivery Detection

EdgeWave delivers the world’s first fully-managed, postdelivery detection solution. Patent pending, ThreatTest removes the guesswork and provides an automated process for employees to report suspicious emails to the EdgeWave Threat Detection Center—alleviating help desk resource constraints and reducing threat dwell time. When an employee receives an email impersonation or other suspicious email, with a click of a button, ThreatTest provides rapid and accurate investigation and incident response.

  • ThreatTest™ Anti-Phishing Solution
  • Digital threat scoring
  • Combination of machine learning and human review
  • Verifies or removes bad emails in minutes

Incident Response

EdgeWave’s Email Incident Response service includes both automatic remediation of detected, malicious email as well as EdgeWave Secure Content Archive.™ When malicious email is detected by ThreatTest, a follow-up scan of your mail store can be executed to find the same message in additional inboxes and automatically delete or quarantine them. EdgeWave Secure Content Archive saves a copy of every email in your mail store and allows you to safely recover them from both accidental, and malicious, activities.

  • ThreatTest global remediation
  • Alerting/reporting of phishing & malicious attacks
  • Security operation center integration
  • Secure content archiving

You can’t afford to leave your users unprotected.

Threats like phishing, spear phishing, ransomware, BEC and other socially engineered attacks require pre and post delivery protection, along with powerful incident response tools to guarantee these threats are eliminated across your enterprise. Only EdgeWave gives you all three essential ingredients to keep your business, users and data safe from ever-evolving targeted threats.

Go ahead. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Discover how delivering safer inboxes can help your organization save time, money, data and brand value. Contact us today for more information or request a Solutions Demo on how these solutions work together for ultimate email protection.