ePrism Email Security

Everything you want from an email gateway, without the management headaches.

ePrism from EdgeWave gives small and mid-size organizations advanced, comprehensive email security to stop spam, malware, advanced persistent threats, phishing attacks and more. All with less IT effort than ever.

Yes, you can have it both ways.

The most accurate email security is also the most affordable.

Phishing attacks. Malware. Advanced threats. All coming at you 24/7. You need an email gateway that stops the bad guys before they reach the inbox, while making sure the good guys (you) aren’t bogged down trying to manage it.

ePrism, part of EdgeWave’s Email Security Platform, is a comprehensive email security gateway. It’s the first line of defense that protects all your email users from today’s most advanced threats before they get into their inboxes. It can be deployed as a cloud-based system or on premise depending on the kind of control you want. Best of all, we deliver the industry’s lowest false positive rates, at a per user cost that any organization can afford.

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More layers means more security.

Our multi-layered approach starts with proprietary next-gen technology that stops zero-minute attacks and other emerging threats without affecting your flow of legitimate business email. How? We not only leverage machine learning and multi-engine scanners, we uniquely offer expert human analysis for anything that gets past our multiple layers of defense. We also provide layers of malware and virus protection using big data that can detect “zombie” networks or botnet clients.

ePrism Key Features

  • Zero Minute Defense

    Stops emerging email threats through machine learning combined with expert human analysis.

  • Phishing Defense

    Eliminate most phishing emails through analysis of email content, URL’s, sender characteristics and rea-time human review of emerging campaigns.

  • Virus Protection

    Stop viruses and other malware in real time with multiple scan and rule engines.

  • Spam Detection

    Provide high spam detection rates with very low false positives through continuously updated spam rules.

  • Spoof Detection

    Identify and stop emails with spoofed sender addresses like those commonly used in phishing attacks.

  • Botnet Defense

    Identify and stop emails originating from botnets.

  • URL Deactivation

    Optionally enable automatic deactivation of URLs and images to prevent users from clicking on links that might be unsafe.

  • File-type Blocking

    Filter email attachments by type with the ability to add file types and apply policy to them.

  • Dynamic Blacklisting

    Automatically adjusts to block bad senders without the false positives typically associated with blacklists.

  • Intelligent Domain Reputation

    Examines newly created sender domains to determine which are good and which are bad.

  • Greylisting

    Optionally enable greylisting for session defenses to stop email from invalid senders.

  • Denial of Service (DOS) protection

    Session defenses mitigate high volume spikes and DOS attacks.

  • Whitelist and Blacklist

    Utilize global, group and user level controls to easily whitelist allowed senders and blacklist unwanted senders.

  • End-User Quarantine

    Saves messages for end-user review for up to 35 days.

  • System Quarantine

    For more secure management, optionally restrict certain messages to a separate quarantine that can only be viewed by administrators.

  • Personal Dashboard

    Provide users web-based access to quarantined messages with the ability to release messages, add to whitelist/blacklists, and modify their own personal policy settings.

  • Spam Categorization

    Separate spam categories for adult and junk content.

  • NDR Backscatter Prevention

    Control sending of Non-Delivery Receipts to prevent unwanted backscatter than can lead to blacklisting. The NDR filter also quarantines incoming backscatter messages.

  • Email Encryption

    Secure confidential and regulatory protected information with a choice to use TLS, Park-n-Pull, Push encryption, or routing to an external provider.

  • Encryption

    Quickly and easily mark messages that should be encrypted.

  • Data Loss Prevention

    Meet compliance regulations by stopping sensitive data such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, financial information or patient health information from leaving your network unencrypted or being sent by unauthorized parties.

  • Outbound Email Notifications

    Configure notifications to let senders know if outbound messages have been stopped by a DLP rule or otherwise quarantined.

  • Archiving

    Cloud-based email retention that meets compliance and legal discovery requirements and has easy search tools to rapidly find historical messages.

  • Message Spooling

    Automatically spool and retry delivery for messages for up to 160 hours, in the event that your mail server becomes unreachable.

  • Email Continuity

    Allow your users full web-based access to send and receive email in the event that maintenance or a disaster disables your mail server. Users have full access to their last 35 days of sent and received mail.

  • Directory Integration

    Integration with Active Directory and LDAP for authentication and to apply group based policy.

  • Granular Policy Controls

    Control at the domain, group, and user level how messages should be dispositioned (blocked, allowed, quarantined, etc.).

  • Dashboard Controls

    Customize end-user personal dashboard permissions for access to the dashboard, deletion of message, release of message, configuration of policy, edit of whitelist/blacklist and more.

  • Custom Filters

    Create custom email filters using words, phrases, and/or regular expressions.

  • Message Size Limits

    Control the maximum size of messages allowed to be sent and received.

  • Bulk Changes

    Easily apply global changes across multiple domains, outbound IPs, and mailboxes.

  • Roles-based Administration

    Multiple administrative levels allow privileges to be limited or expanded depending on an individual’s role.

  • Message Annotation

    Add custom annotations to outgoing messages for disclaimers and other important communications.

  • Send Rate Limiting

    Configurable per-user rate limits help mitigate damage from compromised endpoints that launch email attacks.

  • Auto Mailbox Management

    Creates mailboxes automatically and deletes inactive ones, eliminating the need to manually import or administer mailboxes.

  • Auto Mailbox Verification

    Automatically verify recipients using LDAP, Active Directory, Verify (VRFY), Recipient (RCPT TO), Database, and many other supported approaches.

  • Multiple Accounts

    Support multiple companies and/or divisions with separate accounts that can be administered independently or together.

  • Unlimited Domains & Aliases

    Support unlimited domains and aliases.

  • Domain Aliasing

    Allow multiple domains to be consolidated and treated as one (e.g. company name changes, mergers, etc.)

  • Alias Rewriting

    Optionally rewrite aliases to combine accounts and simplify end-user management.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Allows you to choose from a wide-range of available report templates, or create customized reports to fit your organization’s requirements. These reports can include your entire organization, or drill-down to individual users and groups.

  • Reporting Dashboard

    Customizable panels provide quick visuals of key information on mail statistics, senders and recipients.

  • Custom Alert Notifications

    Define alerts to provide notification to key personnel in the event that certain conditions occur such as high traffic, exceeded rate limits, or continuity being enabled/disabled.

  • Scheduled Reporting

    Create and subscribe to reports for automatic daily, weekly, or monthly delivery.

  • Email Digests

    Configurable email digests shows incoming and outgoing messages quarantined for the last 35 days.

  • Audit Trail

    Complete detailed reporting of all system changes.

  • Message Search

    Quickly and easily find the messages you’re looking for with message search tools.

  • Cloud or On-premise deployment

    Fully hosted solution deployed in the EdgeWave cloud or via an on-premise appliance.

  • Managed Service (24/7/365)

    All systems (cloud and appliance) are monitored and maintained 24/7/365 for high reliability and reduced administrative overhead.

  • Office 365 and Google Apps Support

    Built-in support for cloud-based email providers – Microsoft and Google.

  • Custom Branding

    Customize the look and feel of employee personal dashboards, administrative consoles, and encrypted messages with your own company logos and personal URLs.

  • Auto Configuration APIs

    Automate account configuration and modifications with full access to XML-based APIs giving you the ability to create your own end user interface and report on mailbox statistics.


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