Secure Content Archive

Integrated, High performing Content Archiving Platform with Easy-to-use Compliance and eDiscovery Features

Secure Content Archive

Integrated, High performing Content Archiving Platform with Easy-to-use Compliance and eDiscovery Features

EdgeWave Secure Content Archive provides a feature rich, integrated content archiving platform. EdgeWave Secure Content Archive offers comprehensive compliance, eDiscovery, and email management features to make it easy to use.

Compliance and Litigation Support

Support corporate and regulatory compliance, litigation, and e-Discovery which includes centralizing, importing all historical emails, data storage in immutable stage, and data export. Provides easy rules-based retention management. Provides an audit trail by logging of all search queries. Revision-proof archiving with security against manipulation.


Fastest Search and Retrieval

EdgeWave Secure Archive uses cloud-compute infrastructure for scalability and reliability. Our unique and differentiated cloud compute software stack harnesses on-demand CPU and geographically dispersed storage to power archival functions for data ingestion, indexing, search, eDiscovery and export.



With no hardware to buy or software to install, you can be up and running instantly. The simple and intuitive web-based interface makes set-up easy and rapid search and retrieval is possible by individuals in a personal archive or by authorized users across your entire archive, without burdening your IT staff.


Secure archiving in the cloud allows for reduced internal storage and maintenance by moving on-premise or hosted servers to the cloud.

Secure Content Archive makes it incredibly easy to archive email and files –
without storage limitations or additional data export fees.

Email Archive

Preserve, access and retrieve any or all messages for corporate and government compliance needs as well as eDiscovery and litigation support.


File Archive

Securely store all files to ensure data retention for compliance and litigation support.


SharePoint Archive

Reduce storage costs by migrating SharePoint content to EdgeWave Secure Content Archive for quick and easy reference and retrieval.



Rapid Search and Access

  • Access, browse and retrieve archived emails in seconds
  • Fast search capabilities with advanced features for eDiscovery

Multi-Platform Support

  • Supports major messaging hosted or server platforms including Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google, Cisco, and others.

Compliance and Litigation Support

  • Archives data in an immutable state to help meet regulatory requirements for SEC, FINRA, NASD, HIPAA, SOX, GLBA, as well as legal evidentiary rules and your internal guidelines
  • Litigation support tools
  • Centralizing and importing all historical emails
  • Legal hold
  • eDiscovery

Secure Data Storage

  • Email journaling – store copy of message in journal mailbox
  • Email stubbing to maximize server storage


  • Cloud-based deployment
  • Mobile archive for easy user access
  • Offline access

Unrivaled Security and Privacy

  • No co-mingling of customer-specific data.
  • Data kept in separate data silos.
  • Secure data at three levels, physical infrastructure, data encryption and the application layer.
  • All data encrypted using 256-bit AES encryption.

Integrated with MS Office365

  • Client plug-in for MS Outlook
  • Archive emails for both MS Exchange and Office 365
  • Journal archiving for Office 365
  • Document and list item archiving for SharePoint

Backup and Recovery

  • Archived all inbound/outbound emails including public folders
  • Scheduled backups

Centralized Policy Management

  • Easy to administer and manage

With the increase in corporate and government compliance requirements, EdgeWave offers a comprehensive portfolio of products for secure content archiving and management.

EdgeWave Secure Content Archive solution gives enterprises a robust, powerful information archiving solution that reduces eDiscovery time, supports litigation and compliance needs, and complements MS Exchange and Office 365 with more advanced features.

With a cloud-based architecture, enterprises start archiving within minutes and can scale quickly to accommodate rapid growth and expansion. EdgeWave Secure Content Archive provides a cost-effective solution, reducing typical data storage costs and without requiring any additional data export fees.

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