The Ultimate Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) solution.

It’s the first automated, closed-loop anti-phishing solution. So fast and accurate, ThreatTest enables users to instantly stop phishing attacks in their inbox.

Trust It Or Test It

Trust it. Or Test it. Never guess on phishing emails again.

No email security gateway completely protects you from advanced social or phishing attacks.
Which is why you need this:

ThreatTest, powered by EdgeWave, is a new Inbox Detection and Response (IDR) solution that automates email threat resolution in the user’s inbox. If an attack gets through your current gateway defense, it lets employees click on suspicious emails and then instantly routes those emails through machine learning filters—as well as expert human analysis—to check the email’s true intent. In minutes the email is either verified or vanquished. All without help from IT, or end-user hassle.

ThreatTest upgrades you to The World’s Safest Inboxes™:

  • Flags and resolves phishing incidents in minutes without IT
  • Activates employees as a final level of endpoint security
  • Dramatically reduces the role of IT in resolving threats
  • Saves lots of time and money on remediation and follow-up
  • Lowers need for security awareness training
  • Reduces threat dwell times across your organization
  • Dramatically reduces your risk of breaches and vital data loss

The key? EdgeWave’s Threat Detection Center.

ThreatTest’s email analysis is not only fueled by EdgeWave’s gauntlet of advanced threat filtering engines, but by our labs of expert human analysts. Across the globe, our analysts spend 24/7 reviewing and categorizing email-borne attacks. This expert human layer is unique to ThreatTest and is essential to successfully thwarting social attacks with the highest levels of accuracy.

Hybrid Icon

Employees are now part of the solution, not the problem.

ThreatTest gives every user the ability to test any suspicious email. They can finally stop worrying about missing threats, wasting time wondering what to do, or worrying about “crying wolf” too often. With a simple click, employees now become a united force against phishing. ThreatTest is the perfect solution to actually fix the phishing problem.

ThreatTest Powered by EdgeWave

How ThreatTest works:

  1. 1Employee notices suspicious email in Outlook Inbox and clicks ThreatTest button to launch review
  2. 2Flagged email is automatically quarantined and routed through the EdgeWave Threat Detection Center
  3. 3EdgeWave automated machine learning engines investigate suspicious email
  4. 4Live security experts join the investigation of suspicious email with multi-faceted analysis
  5. 5Within minutes the suspicious email is returned, either verified or removed
  6. 6Real-time reporting gives IT clear visibility into every incident and its resolution

ThreatTest saves thousands in IT costs every month.

Of course, ultimately securing your data is the most important thing you can do. ThreatTest is your best step in stopping advanced phishing attacks before they do real damage. ThreatTest also delivers powerful ROI for virtually every company, as it takes the burden of investigation off of IT and does it automatically. Here’s an example:

Estimate of Cost Benefit Analysis

Based on estimate of $70/hr for In-house IT costs and current ThreatTest user data for email submissions. Does not include savings of reduction in successful attacks, remediation of an actual attack, hardware costs, etc.

Core ThreatTest Features

Real-Time Phishing Investigation Reporting & Response

Real-time, end-user driven reporting of suspicious message to the EdgeWave Hybrid Threat Detection Center. Users receive closed-loop communication with the results of the investigation and automated incident response.

Dynamic Quarantine

Quarantine mechanism to evaluate untrusted content within the submitted messages, such as URLs. Suspicious emails automatically moved into a custom folder once submitted.

Centralized Management

Ability for the SOC or IT administrators to configure notifications and frequency. View summary charts and set up customized reports for emails processed and categories assigned.

Advanced Threat Intelligence & Analysis

Automated machine learning and human analysis deliver the highest level of accuracy in threat detection and mitigation.

Global Policy & Content Removal

Instant removal of a malicious message from the inbox; rules automatically applied to the global policy for all users.

System Requirements

Email Platforms Supported
Microsoft Exchange 2013 and newer; Microsoft Office 365; Outlook Web Access (OWA)

Email Clients Supported
Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook App (for Android and iOS)

Don’t wait, the next big phishing attack could be on you.

Find out how ThreatTest can give you the peace of mind that your organization is secure, your employees are worry free, and you are using the most effective, cost efficient way to fight phishing across your endpoints.