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“Since putting iPrism in our network, I’ve seen instances of spyware and malicious code infections decrease, and we’ve even noticed a boost in network availability and employee productivity. iPrism delivers that extra layer of protection needed to ensure total network security.”

Dave Nelson

IT Director, 80/20 Inc.


In business, the 80/20 theory is a powerful tool. This theory is called Pareto’s Law, and it states that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts.

80/20 Inc. prides itself on running its operations according to this philosophy, and as a result, has successfully established itself as a leading manufacturer of aluminum framing products over the past 20 years.

The company attributes a large degree of its success to the careful establishment and maintenance of its corporate culture, which focuses on building a respectful, productive and results-driven environment amongst all employees. The organization’s web policy is a direct reflection of these core values, and careful attention is given to communicating proper expectations for resourcing the web.

The Challenge

Like many companies, 80/20 Inc. found itself in a challenging situation. Initially operating without a dedicated web filtering solution had left the organization vulnerable to liability claims and damaging charges. The unfiltered web access was also contributing to security concerns and had the potential to negatively impact productivity. Without a web filtering solution in place, team members had access to unmanaged sites containing potentially harmful content or viruses, such as spyware or malware, 80/20 Inc. recognized the critical urgency of protecting network assets by proactively preventing Internet-related threats and DoS attacks with a dedicated Internet filtering solution.

In addition, 80/20 Inc. faced a unique challenge in that its network infrastructure housed a mixed environment of both Windows and Mac platforms. With a majority of users running Windows 7, yet a handful of employees operating on Snow Leopard, the company needed a flexible solution that could easily accommodate the specific requirements of all users without adding extra complexity or workarounds.

Given these circumstances, 80/20 Inc. recognized the need for a reliable web filtering solution that would effectively block inappropriate content, enforce policy, and ultimately eliminate any liability and security risks.

The Solution

As IT Director for 80/20 Inc., Dave Nelson is responsible for the day-to-day management of the corporate network, which includes enforcing the Company’s web policy and proactively circumventing potential web related threats across the organization’s 150 users.

After a simple but impressive product evaluation, St. Bernard’s iPrism web Filter appliance was selected and deployed by 80/20 Inc. to combat its liability, productivity and security concerns.

Nelson emphasizes that the primary benefit of iPrism is found in the appliance’s sheer simplicity and ease of use. iPrism provides easy custom filtering options, which allows for a variety of filtering privileges across specific individuals and departments. This enables selected employees to easily access sites required for their job responsibilities, while simultaneously preventing other users from accessing those same sites. “The company strongly encourages appropriate use of the web, and with iPrism, we can easily and accurately meet those expectations,” said Nelson

In addition to its simplicity and ease of use, iPrism is touted by Nelson for its outstanding performance and reliability. “The notifications of blocked access are a really nice feature,” said Nelson. “They offer that additional reassurance that the appliance is working.” With the only 100% human-reviewed URL database on the market, iPrism instills confidence in Nelson that all sites are constantly being updated and categorized accurately. “The iPrism Web Filter has proven its effectiveness and I have 100% confidence that it will get the job done.”

Reducing security vulnerabilities and DoS attacks was one of Nelson’s biggest challenges and of critical importance to the overall health of the corporate network. Once iPrism was deployed, Nelson was able to easily maintain focus on potential security threats and proactively mitigate unnecessary exposure to the vulnerabilities of other web borne threats. “Since putting iPrism in our network, I’ve seen instances of spyware and malicious code infections decrease, and we’ve even noticed a boost in network availability and employee productivity. iPrism delivers that extra layer of protection needed to ensure total network security.”

Finally, iPrism’s unique cross-platform support has provided 80/20 Inc. with the functionality needed to improve group-based security policies and authentication capabilities across both Windows and Mac users. iPrism ensures a consistent experience and increased security across mixed platform environments through its secure authentication protocols and Auto-Login for Mac users, applying a ubiquitous policy across the network regardless of the platform. “The OS compatibility was a really nice feature,” said Nelson. “The fact that we changed operating systems and didn’t have to worry about any implications or additional software or client requirements was a huge relief.”

The Result

As a result of implementing the iPrism Web Filter, 80/20 Inc. has recognized a substantial reduction in security risks, elimination of liability concerns and increased productivity across employees. Since deploying iPrism, Nelson and his team save at least four hours per week on day-to-day maintenance and management of web filtering tasks, which translates to roughly $5,000 per year.