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Lodi Memorial Hospital is a 172-bed, non-profit, acute-care hospital, owned by the Lodi Memorial Hospital Association. For 52 years its mission has been to provide quality medical care, education and support services to the community, and to improve the quality of life in the communities served.Like other private, non-profit hospitals across the United States, Lodi Memorial Hospital must prove to the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development that revenues are being utilized appropriately and prudently.


With a network of seven servers and nearly 600 workstations at four locations, Lodi Memorial Hospital’s IT staff faced a monumental challenge when one of the hospital’s key employees was discovered accessing highly inappropriate Internet sites on a regular basis. After dismissing the staff member, the hospital’s director and board called for quick action to prevent subsequent Internet abuse.

Darrell Clay, Lodi Memorial’s IT Technical Supervisor, and his team immediately began evaluating solutions for enforcing the hospital’s Internet Acceptable Use Policy, which had been instituted several years prior under the “honor system.” Clay sought a solution that would be cost effective, and easy to install and manage within the enterprise’s Citrix environment.

Clay and his team determined that their primary goals were:

  1. Find a low-cost, flexible, and effective way to prevent Internet abuse.
  2. Keep implementation and ongoing maintenance costs to a minimum.
  3. Enable filtering on a per-user basis, without requiring additional login and authentication.
  4. Track Internet usage statistics and trends for reporting purposes.


Lodi Memorial Hospital turned to a longtime business partner, Alliance Computer Technologies, one of the region’s premier network integration companies for help in finding a solution. After consulting with Lodi Memorial, Alliance staff recommended EdgeWave’s iPrism appliance.

After just one week of implementation, Clay and his IT staff were convinced that the appliance approach provided by iPrism was the most viable solution. “It required no changes to other network components,” Clay observed. “It also allowed us to support roving users with different access profiles. This is a very important capability in the healthcare field, where computers are shared by employees with different Internet access requirements.”

EdgeWave’s iPrism is a selfcontained appliance that filters by full URL name and includes the ability to block top-level directories while allowing access to subdirectories. Its database is 100% human-reviewed, and includes millions of sites over 60 different categories. This database is updated daily with thousands of new sites. Companies can add their own categories and URLs to this list or create “white lists” of trusted sites.

“We had iPrism installed in 2.5 hours and had it configured with user access control profiles in just one day,” remarked Clay. “These profiles are linked to Access Control Lists (ACLs), which give us the flexibility to define which URL categories are allowed or blocked based on specific user requirements.”


Lodi Memorial cites the following benefits of using iPrism:

  1. Low initial cost- Because there were no additional servers or software to purchase, the iPrism appliance solution cost nearly one-fifth of what most of the software-based solutions would have cost.
  2. Ongoing savings- The hospital also expects to save at least $180,000 per year by eliminating unnecessary surfing.
  3. Ease of use for users- iPrism’s Auto-login feature allows administrators to apply filtering policies on a per-user basis without requiring users to authenticate, which was ideal for Lodi’s terminal server and Citrix environments.
  4. Ability to run granular reports- Clay and his staff can generate dozens of customizable reports to track Internet usage, without requiring any extra server or reporting packages.