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iPrism provided flawless security and web filtering in even the highest-bandwidth environments

Web Security Case Study

“We needed to implement a solution that was comprehensive in terms of allowing us to adhere to internet usage policies without the need to touch every single device that comes on board.”

Larry Bonfante

Chief Information Officer, U.S. Tennis Association


The United States Open Tennis Championships, one of the oldest tennis championships in the world, faced an unprecedented network security challenge.

Since 1987, the US Open at Flushing Meadows, Queens, New York has been the fourth and final tennis major of the year, held annually in late August and early September during a two-week period.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) provides an open network and Wi-Fi. Whether it is media covering the event, fans connecting to their favorite social media platforms, or sports related web browsing, the constant increase in attendees creates demand for fast and secure open internet access.

The Challenge

With more than 720,000 media, athletes, partners, and fans in planned attendance, the USTA faced three major challenges to safely providing online accessibility at the US Open:

  • Administer internet policies to keep both their networks safe and block users from accessing undesirable content such as online gambling sites.
  • Enforce internet policies on endpoints without physically touching or installing software on every user device. Enforcement had to be at the connection level, where regardless of the type of internet access.
  • Provide policy enforcement with zero network latency at the highest bandwidth speeds. The solution had to be completely invisible to the end user, and would only be notified of USTA browsing policies should they attempt to access a blocked website.

The Solution

To address these challenges, the USTA reached out to EdgeWave to provide a solution that enforced their internet security policies with no network latency or downtime, and a hands off approach to connecting to the network.

EdgeWave recommended the iPrism Secure Web Gateway, the only web security solution that provides true multigigabit web filtering and seamless web security across all desktops, laptops and mobile devices.

With the iPrism Secure Web Gateway, the USTA was able to set flexible, yet granular filtering policies for internet users, automatically blocking flagged URLs and web pages from reaching USTA attendee endpoints, ensuring that internet browsing policies are maintained and executed.

To prepare for the event, EdgeWave engineers and USTA IT staff began working together several months earlier on the installation and validation of the iPrism Secure Web Gateway at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows. They maintained a rigorous testing schedule for the iPrism Secure Web Gateway to perform under the highest of bandwidth transfer and usage scenarios.

“Being able to work with EdgeWave prior to the Open, to configure and have everything already in place allowed the Advanced Web Gateway to operate perfectly during the event. In fact, the only reason that we ever went into the EdgeWave user interface was to receive usage reports. We also appreciated the fact that there were EdgeWave technicians on site, which spoke to the great partnership,” stated Mr. Bonfante.

The Result

The US Open is a world-class event, and EdgeWave’s solution delivered worldclass web security. The US Open provided the perfect opportunity for EdgeWave to introduce the iPrism Secure Web Gateway on an international stage with the increased bandwidth requirements and heightened internet usage policies.

Throughout the event, the iPrism Secure Web Gateway provided flawless security and web filtering in even the highest-bandwidth environments, including:

  • Sustaining 850+Mbps throughput
  • Managing over 210,000 unique endpoint connections
  • Transferring more than 4.5TB of data throughout the event