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December 14, 2018

Facebook Exposes Nonprofits to Donors—And Hackers

Alana has spent most of the past decade caring for pets, her work also resonates with people online. But in August, she noticed something strange: A series of unfamiliar posts began appearing on the page, and no one at the shelter could say where they were coming from.


Shamoon Reappears, Poised for a New Wiper Attack

One of the most destructive malware families ever seen is back, and researchers think its authors are gearing up to again take aim at the Middle East.


From DDoS Attacks to Ad Fraud: Smarter Bots re Copying Human Behavior

Major websites and internet services have been caught up in an epidemic of fake traffic, an expensive problem for digital operators that also threatens to undermine trust in legitimate areas of the web.


Op ‘Sharpshooter’ Uses Lazarus Group Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures

A new advanced threat actor has emerged on the radar, targeting organizations in the defense and the critical infrastructure sectors with fileless malware and an exploitation tool that borrows code from a trojan associated with the Lazarus group.


Chinese Hackers are Likely Responsible for Marriott Data Breach

As the U.S. government investigates the breach of Marriott’s Starwood chain hotel reservation system, it appears Chinese state hackers are mostly likely responsible for the data breach.


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