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October 19, 2018

The Mysterious Return of Years-Old Chinese Malware

In 2013, cybersecurity firm Mandiant published a blockbuster report on a state-sponsored hacking team known as APT1, or Comment Crew. The Chinese group achieved instant infamy. They also vanished in the wake of being exposed. Now, years later, researchers say they’ve found code based on APT1–associated malware cropping up in a new set of attacks.


GreyEnergy Spy APT Mounts Sophisticated Effort Against Critical Infrastructure

A new APT group, dubbed GreyEnergy by researchers, has emerged as a successor to the infamous BlackEnergy APT group, which was behind the electric grid cyberattack and resulting power outage in the Ukraine in December 2015. However, GreyEnergy’s focus and targeting revolve around cyber-espionage.


Ransomware Hits Computer Networks Of North Carolina Water Utility

A North Carolina water utility has been infected by ransomware in a breach the company says has forced customer-service functions offline and will require it to rebuild its computing infrastructure.


Tumblr Patches A Flaw That Could Have Exposed Users’ Account Info

Tumblr has published a report admitting the presence of a security vulnerability in its website that could have allowed hackers to steal login credentials and other private information for users’ accounts.


Why It’s So Hard to Punish Companies for Data Breaches

What happens to the companies that allow our personal data to be stolen? In most cases, nothing. Sometimes there is a short-lived flurry of bad publicity, a brief dip in stock prices, a class-action lawsuit or a Federal Trade Commission investigation that leads to a token settlement or fine.


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