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January 18, 2019

Data Breach Roundup: U.S. Healthcare, Cryptopia, SingHealth and Experian

Millions of people were affected by data breaches in 2018, and 2019 shows no signs of waning activity. The latest round of breaches as of Tuesday includes an attack on a managed-health provider in Indiana, an offensive against a rehab and wellness center in Michigan, millions in purloined funds at virtual currency broker Cryptopia Exchange and major fines levied against SingHealth in Singapore.


Hack Brief: An Astonishing 773 Million Records Exposed In Monster Breach

There are breaches, and there are megabreaches, and there’s Equifax. But a newly revealed trove of leaked data tops them all for sheer volume: 772,904,991 unique email addresses, over 21 million unique passwords, all recently posted to a hacking forum.


Fortnite Security Issue Would Have Granted Hackers Access To Accounts

Epic Games, the makers of the insanely popular Fortnite game have silently patched a vulnerability on their infrastructure that would have allowed hackers to gain access to users’ accounts with incredible ease.


Stole $24 Million But Still Can’t Keep a Friend

Unsettling new claims have emerged about Nicholas Truglia, a 21-year-old Manhattan resident accused of hijacking cell phone accounts to steal tens of millions of dollars in cryptocurrencies from victims.


New Ransomware Bundles PayPal Phishing Into Its Ransom Note

A new in-development ransomware has been discovered that not only encrypts your files, but also tries to steal your credit card information with an included PayPal phishing page. The ransomware itself is nothing special, but the ransom note is clever as it not only tries to steal your money through a normal bitcoin ransom payment, but also offers a choice to pay via PayPal.


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