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December 8, 2017

‘Mailsploit’ Lets Hackers Forge Perfect Email Spoofs

Pretending to be someone you’re not in an email has never been quite hard enough—hence phishing, that eternal scourge of internet security. But now one researcher has dug up a new collection of bugs in email programs that in many cases strip away even the existing, imperfect protections against email impersonation, allowing anyone to undetectably spoof a message with no hint at all to the recipient.


Google Cracks Down On Nosy Android Apps

Google is cracking down on unwanted and harmful Android apps with a new effort that will show warnings on applications and on third-party websites distributing apps that collect personal data without user consent.


Developers Targeted In ‘Parsedroid’ PoC Attack

Researchers have developed a proof of concept attack that could impact the millions of users of integrated development environments such as Intellij, Eclipse and Android Studio. Attacks can also be carried out against servers hosting development environments in the cloud.


What’s Behind the Rising Tide of Ransomware?

During the last 12 months, we have witnessed the rise of ransomware, with hundreds of thousands of devices infected, countless dollars spent to recover lost files, emergency investments to improve security measures and devastating reputational damage.


“Process Doppelgänging” Attack Works on All Windows Versions

At the Black Hat Europe 2017 security conference in London, two security researchers from cyber-security firm enSilo have described a new code injection technique called “Process Doppelgänging.”


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