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June 15, 2018

Another day, another Intel CPU security hole: Lazy State

Once upon a time, when we worried about security, we worried about our software. These days, it’s our hardware, our CPUs, with problems like Meltdown and Spectre, which are out to get us. The latest Intel revelation, Lazy FP state restore, can theoretically pull data from your computer regardless of your operating system.


Cybersecurity at the World Cup: What You Should Know

Enhanced security at these events often focuses on physical security, with increased local police, physical barriers and identification checks. Yet, such measures should not overlook the need for heightened cybersecurity.


Feds Bust Dozens of Email Scammers, But Your Inbox Still Isn’t Safe

Your email spam filter works overtime to keep sketchy investing opportunities and cheap Viagra offers out of your inbox, but you’ve probably seen some scams sneak through. That’s because email fraud operations are a multibillion-dollar business.


New MysteryBot Android Malware Packs a Banking Trojan, Keylogger, and Ransomware

Cybercriminals are currently developing a new strain of malware targeting Android devices which blends the features of a banking trojan, keylogger, and mobile ransomware.


Apple Removes iPhone USB Access Feature, Blocking Out Hackers, Law Enforcement

Apple said an upcoming iOS software update will remove the infamous iPhone USB access feature, blocking out both hackers – and law enforcement – from accessing a locked phones’ data via the device port.


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