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February 23, 2018

Criminals Sell Counterfeit Certificates To Make Malware Look Legitimate

Enterprising cybercriminals are selling counterfeit digital certificates that allow hackers to disguise their malware as legitimate software, according to a new report.


New BEC Spam Campaign Targets Fortune 500 Businesses

Researchers have identified a wave of new business email compromise campaigns targeting Fortune 500 companies that are designed to trick victims into fraudulent wire transfers.


The Annabelle Ransomware Is a Horrific Mess

While most ransomware is created to actually generate revenue, some developers create them to show off their “skills”. Such is the case with a new ransomware based off of the horror movie franchise Annabelle.


IRS Scam Leverages Hacked Tax Preparers, Client Bank Accounts

Identity thieves who specialize in tax refund fraud have been busy of late hacking online accounts at multiple tax preparation firms, using them to file phony refund requests.


Hack Brief: Hackers Enlisted Tesla’s Public Cloud To Mine Cryptocurrency

Cryptojacking only really coalesced as a class of attack about six months ago, but already the approach has evolved and matured into a ubiquitous threat.


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