Phishing: The Threat from Within

Phishing Continues to be a Growing Problem.

Email is still the number one attack vector for delivering malicious content — many times disguised as a legitimate email, but actually a phishing attack in disguise. With a 65% increase in Phishing attacks year over year1 it’s easy to see why IT pros are concerned.

“Tip of the Spear” Phishing Campaigns Slip through Gateway and Endpoint Protection.

Unlike mass spam campaigns, spear phishing is crafted to appear as a 1:1 email from a known contact (boss or co-worker) and these social engineering attacks have a higher chance of evading existing gateway and endpoint security filters.

Phishing Wreaks Havoc on IT Resources and Your Budget.

How many help desk calls and emails does your IT team get a day from security conscious employees about Phishing emails – reporting suspicious emails or asking if they’re safe to open? Not surprising when 56% of organizations do NOT have an IT policy to specifically deal with phishing.2

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Phishing: The Threat from Within

1 – Anti-Phishing Working Group’s Phishing Activity Trends Report (published Feb 2017)
2 – EdgeWave December 2017 webinar poll result